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For those who have decided to relocate down under, the Emigrate Australia page offers a checklist that can help organise the trip.

No doubt, it cannot include everything, as circumstances will differ from one person to the other.

But it is a humble attempt to capture as much information as possible about your upcoming travel, personal documents for you and your family, personal assets, your household and financial situation.

All this under the form of lists that you can print, review and add  more items based on your situation.

Or delete items if they don't apply to you.


Papers and Information

  • Passports
  • Visa (and any additional documents if required)
  • Flight tickets 
  • Travel insurance
  • Luggage allowance
  • Shipping quotes for additional luggage
  • Customs / quarantine clearance for goods

Personal documents

For you and your spouse

  • Certificates (birth, marriage, other) School / university records / diplomas / degrees
  • Other qualification paperwork
  • Work / Business related papers
  • Medical records 
  • Driver's licence 
  • Contact details of relevant people
  • Referrals for job search purpose

Personal Documents

For your children

  • Passports 
  • Visas 
  • Birth certificates 
  • School reports 
  • Medical records 
  • Other important papers

Assets in your home country

Decide your next steps

  • Own house - keep, rent out, sell
  • Rented house - inform real estate agency /owner about your departure
  • House content, furniture - keep, store, sell
  • Cars
  • Other assets


Pay your bills / inform your landlord or utility company /disconnect /

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Telephone (land line)
  • Mobiles
  • Internet
  • Other

Financial situation

Talk to your accountant/ financial planner / lawyer / other consultants you may use

  • Bank accounts
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Debts
  • Tax
  • Superannuation account (or any retirement entitlements)
  • Other

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