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by John

How much is the average breakfast, lunch, dinner cost and the best places to eat, I was informed that the pubs were the places to eat. We are visiting in the month of January 2014 for about 2 weeks.

Thank you


Australia is not a cheap country, eating out can be more expensive than in other parts of the world but the food is very good and the variety is huge. So it is worth trying several restaurants just for the experience.

You may have your breakfast included in the hotel package, but if you don’t then eating at the hotel can cost you around $20 - $30. Though for that amount you will get a full buffet breakfast with hot and cold plates, juice, cereals, yoghurts, pastries, fruit and coffee.

Not willing to spend that much? Have banana bread or pastry and coffee for $5 at a small cafe or take away shop. Coffee in Sydney is excellent - espresso, cappuccino, latte, or flat white, they are all good.

A more consistent breakfast with bacon and eggs or omlette will set you back $10 - $12. Walk along the streets from Circular Quay to Haymarket and you’ll see places that advertise all day breakfast. Which means you end up paying the same amount for your toast and poached eggs whether you have them for breakfast or dinner.

If you are in the City and you want to see the food choice then go to the City Circle rail stations at Wynyard, Town Hall, Martin Place, Circular Quay or Central. There are lots of small cafes, bakeries and take away shops serving breakfast and lunch.

Other great places to have your lunch are the food courts. You’ll find them in all shopping centres in the suburbs and in the centre of Sydney. In the City try Pitt Street Mall, Australia Square, Hunter Connection, the World Square Mall. The food courts serve any cuisine that you fancy: Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean, Australian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian, you name it. And that for just $10 – 20.

Dinner is the more expensive meal of the day. On average expect to pay around $15 for an entree and $25-30 for a main. Pubs are a good choice for something a bit less expensive or try the RSL clubs. They have several restaurants, some basic, others fancy. Some of them serve an all you can eat buffet for around $25. Search the internet for an RSL club close to where you live. You will need to sign in at the front counter of the club so have your ID with you.

Another option is the food trucks. They are becoming more popular in Sydney lately. Browse the internet and download the app to find where they are in service.

Enjoy your stay.

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