Easter in Australia

Come autumn, Easter in Australia is a lovely time out, which comes with a family lunch, chocolate eggs and the very long weekend to spend for those DIY projects that are otherwise put off.

It is a time to take a look at all things spiritual and to reflect on the meaning of life.

It is the celebration of life and hope.

But it is also a time to catch up with family and friends, go out and enjoy some good leisure moments.

Public Holiday

Easter in Australia is a public holiday starting on Good Friday and ending on Easter Monday. A 4 days long weekend to chill out!

Businesses and the large majority of stores are closed on the Good Friday and Easter Sunday all around the country. However food shops are open on Sunday in many capital cities, but not really in Sydney. Most of them are closed.

Which means there is a shopping frenzy on the Thursday before the public holiday starts, with people packing their shopping trolleys with food, chocolate eggs and drinks.

Easter in Australia - The Food

easter in australia hot cross buns Hot cross buns

I don't think there is really a traditional food for Easter. It can depend on taste, cultural background, preference, or simply love for certain dishes.

Except the hot cross buns spiced with cinnamon and dried fruit or filled with chocolate. You can find them in shops as soon as the Christmas tree is out of the way.

But the Sydney Fish Market is open every day during the public holiday. And they are working long hours. Which proves that seafood and fish are really big sellers for Easter.

For children and those with a sweet tooth it is a chocolate extravaganza, that takes the shape of eggs, bunnies, chooks, bilbies.

easter in australia chocolate gallery


Well, the traditional bunny is not a treasured animal in Australia.

As they have no predators, the number of rabbits increased at such a speed that they posed huge threats to crops and habitats of native animals.

easter in australia bilby and wombat Chocolate Easter bilby and wombat

With the bunny considered to be a pest, its place in the Easter chocolate gallery goes to the native long-eared bilby.

Though you really have to look hard in the shops to find them among the stacks of rabbits on shelves and aisles.

I actually found a wombat too, after quite a long search.

Our Healthy Alternative for the Chocolate Egg Mania

We have a fruit tree in our back yard that makes green egg-shaped fruit. It is the feijoa.

easter in australia - feijoa is ripe Feijoas

If it sounds Portuguese it's because it is. Actually the Portuguese in Brazil - it's a South American plant. And also very popular in New Zealand.

Though almost unheard of in Australia.

Unless you ask a kiwi. Then they will fondly remember how juicy, sweet-smelling and tasty this beautiful fruit is.

The tree in our garden produces its fruit in March and April, just in time to replace the chocolate Easter eggs in the basket.

Easter in Australia - A Family Affair

What do Australians do on this long weekend?

They catch up with family and friends usually for a lunch at home or in the park. At home it would be a spit roast or seafood. In the park it would be finger food and a barbie.

easter in australia at the beach - skywriting

Many take a short break away from home: go to the beach, bush or visit the rellies. For those who want to get in time an early start is a must. Roads are jam-packed and double demerit points start on Thursday to urge people to drive safely, reduce speed and stop drink driving.

Families get their children to hunt for chocolate eggs hidden around the house or in the back yard. With several clues set strategically in easy to find spots, this is one fun thing to do both for the young ones and for mum and dad.

Sydney-siders take their kids to the Royal Easter Show to see fire eaters, farm animals or wildlife.

By the spike in the number of TV ads for home improvement projects, the Easter long weekend seems to be the right time to start on or go back to one of those never ending jobs around the house: fix the landscape, clean the gutters, build the patio, put up the shed, lay the pavers...

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