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For those of us who are busy and stressed out (and who is not these days?), East Coast Tasmania is the perfect place to relax.

Because there's not much to do there but absorb the beauty of the country, taste the beautiful food, sip the excellent local wines and then do some more of the same.

Is that not enough?

It is really great.

The eastern coast is beaches after beaches and then more beaches. It is a backdrop of mild valleys, rolling hills and green pastures, dotted with brown cows, black horses and white sheep.

We planned to spend two nights on the East Coast. Here's what we did:

  • Day one - chose Swansea as an overnight stop, and an easy way into the Freycinet National Park,
  • Day two - visited the Freycinet and then drove north to St Helens,
  • Day three - caught a glimpse of the Bay of Fires in the morning and then headed inland towards Launceston.
rolling hills on tasmania's eastern coast

East Coast Tasmania, Day One


prosser bay pano at orford tasmania

Prosser Bay at Orford

We left Hobart in the morning driving towards Orford. Just a bit over an hour's trip and we are right at Prosser Bay, near the mouth of the Prosser River. Orford is a nice little village with spectacular views of the coast. Great for laid back holidays.


A couple of kilometres away, Triabunna has its own beautiful beaches and also a sheltered port for fishing vessels or sailing around. In addition it offers the option of visiting Maria Island.

triabunna fishing port

Triabunna, gateway to Maria Island

Maria Island

The island is known for its convict history but mostly knownn for its beauty, wild life and scuba diving attractions and walking tours. No cars are allowed on the island and there's not much accommodation, unless you want to sleep in the old penitentiary house or under the stars, in your sleeping bag on a campsite.

No cars and your don't want to walk? Hire a bike. There are no shops, so take all your food and cooking tools with you.


As we did not allocate enough time to the region we skipped the trip to the island and went further north passing by the Spiky Bridge on our way towards Swansea.

Spiky Bridge, near Swansea Tasmania

Spiky Bridge, near Swansea

The bridge dates back to 1843 and was built by convicts. What are the spikes for?

The story goes that spikes would stop cattle from falling off the bridge.

Believe or not.

morris general store in swansea

Morris General Store

Swansea has some interesting historic buildings, such as the Morris General Store. And some gourmet places such as the Bark Mill Tavern and Bakery. The smell of the freshly baked pastry is amazing.

swansea walking track

It also has some interesting walking spots with views to die for.

A walk along the Loontitetermairrelehoiner track, also known as Waterloo Point, offers mighty views of the Great Oyster Bay and of Mt Hazards and the Freycinet Peninsula.

view towards freycinet from swansea walking track

View towards Freycinet

So off we went to Freycinet in the afternoon but couldn't see much because of a storm alert so returned to Swansea to spend the night and recharge the batteries for the morning visit to Freycinet.

view to freycinet

If you want to visit the Freycinet peninsula, the best place to stop overnight is Coles Bay. The other alternatives are Swansea, which is about 45 minutes drive to Coles Bay and Bicheno - 40 minutes drive. 

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