Dual citizenship?

by Nicole
(United States)

If I was born in the USA can I move to Australia, get permanent residence, but still keep my citizenship in the USA?

So can I have dual citizenship in Australia and USA?


Hi Nicole,

Thanks for your question.

Australians can have dual citizenship. A large number of people who have relocated here have taken Australian citizenship while continuing to remain citizens of their home country too.

However there are some countries which do not allow dual citizenship, which means people coming from those countries have to choose between the two nationalities.

You have to check the legislation in the USA to see whether you can become an Australian national while also being an American citizen.

I assume that by asking this question you have already obtained your Australian permanent residency.

In case you haven't or haven't started researching about it, then browse our pages regarding migration to this country to understand where to get more information or help with this.

In a nutshell to get a permanent resident visa you need to meet certain criteria and achieve a number of points.

The criteria include:

  • age, the younger the better,

  • skills that are in demand in this country – there is a list of those occupations,

  • your qualifications, the higher the better.

Once you think you meet the criteria register your interest with the Department of Immigration in the SkillSelect database. They could then invite you to apply for a visa.

Check out this page about a permanent residency visa for more on this topic and to find out where to get the list of the occupations in demand.

Alternatively, you can get a free instant online assessment to see whether you might meet the criteria by clicking here. Once you get your result you can proceed from there.

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