Current Weather in Sydney Australia

Want to know what is the current weather in Sydney Australia?

You can find it at the Bureau of Meteorology -

As the greater city extends on vast areas, atmosphere conditions can be different in some suburbs. And differences can be quite high.

For example the western part can have more extreme temperatures. If you experience a nice 25 degrees C in summer in the city or at the beach, you can end up feeling a scorching 35 C heat when you head some 30 - 40 km west.

This holds true for the winter: the further away you are from the coast the colder it gets. As cold as can be in Sydney, where July is the coldest month of the year with average minimum daily temperatures of about 8 degrees C.

Sydney Weather Radar and Forecast

If you want more information and a detailed Sydney weather forecast visit the Australian Bureau of Meteorology site.

You will see what the climate conditions are in some suburbs and you can also get all the data provided by the Sydney weather radar.

The Bureau of Meteorology website is packed with detailed information about weather in Australia and about climate in general. And it shows monthly average temperatures in various locations. Good to search it if you are heading into Sydney.

But if you are just after a quick overview, here is a glimpse of the usual weather and some extremes in Sydney. If you would also like to know how to enjoy each season, then check out the stuff about Climate in Sydney Australia, then click on each headline, which will take you to other pages dedicated to activities during the various seasons of the year.

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