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Intrigued by the possibility of easy walks associated with Cradle Mountain?

You probably are.

The alpine mount in North West Tasmania is famous for the 65 km long and challenging Overland Track hike that any hardcore bushwalker worth their salt must do.

We are not true bushwalkers so we were very pleasantly surprised to find several easy walks, ranging from half an hour to two - three hours long. Combine several of them and you are set for the day.

rough shape of cradle mountain The iconic tooth shaped outline of Cradle Mountain Tasmania

You can even avoid walking (but why would you?) and see all the majestic tooth shaped peaks from a helicopter cabin.

helicopter at visitor centre cradle mountain Helicopter pad near the visitor centre

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is one of the most visited attractions in Tassie. After you have seen so many beaches you want some tree change.

The famous mount is on the northern side of the park. Lake St Clair, the deepest lake in Australia is in the south. There are no roads between the mountain and the lake. If you want to connect the two sides, you can do it on foot, walking the Overland Track for about 6 days or so.

Cradle Mountain Tasmania - How to Organise your Short Walks

Enter the park and purchase your day tickets at the visitors centre. With the tickets you will get a map and some basic explanations about your trip options. The map will provide more details about the facilities in the park, the picnic areas and the short walks. If you want to know more browse the leaflets available or ask the park rangers.

national park shuttle and signs for easy walks in cradle mountain Sign indicating the short walks

Once you know which walk you want to do hop on the shuttle bus near the visitor centre. It makes a loop around the main attractions. If you don't stop anywhere the round trip is 45 minutes.

panorama cradle mount in tassie Stunning view from Dove Lake car park

But you didn't go there to travel by bus. You can hop on and off where you want.

You could go by your own car but roads are very narrow and there are times when you have to stop or turn back to make way to the incoming traffic. It is all about negotiating your way around the mountainous roads.

lake dove cradle mount Dave Lake circuit

The Dave lake tour is a 2 hours walk. That's at a steady and at times slower gait with plenty of time to stop to admire the landscape that surrounds you.

dove lake beach Dove Lake beach

For example you could stop at this lovely beach.

Not exactly to swim, unless you like cold waters.

But if you don't swim, then stop to take in the pristine views of the peaks.

The track is mostly a wooden boardwalk with some wire mesh. There are parts of the loop where the track is just pebbles or soil. Sometimes mud if you go there after it rained.

The signs at the car park suggest to start your tour of the lake in a clockwise direction. That's what we did. However towards the end of the loop the track goes up and you have to climb some steps. They are not difficult. But if you want to avoid going upwards, take the loop anticlockwise.


More Short Walks

The other trips, up to half an hour long, are the Rainforest, the Weindorfers Forest and the Enchanted walks. You can also walk around the smaller lake Lila if lake Dove is too big or you don't have enough time.

And the great thing about walking is that you can spot beautiful furry wild animals grazing around you.

cradle Wombat and its pup

Cradle Mountain Tasmania - How to Get There?

It is a two and half hours' drive from Launceston via Deloraine and Sheffield. Or one and a half hours from Devonport.

To actually get the most of the mount, the weather must be nice and sunny. If it rains or there's fog, don't go to Cradle Mountain, there are many other great spots in North Western Tassie where bad weather does not completely ruin your day.

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