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With the great climate in Sydney Australia spring is one of the best seasons to enjoy the city and its attractions.

There's new growth in vegetation and the fragrance in the air is just wonderful. The jasmine star is in full bloom and the streets in suburbia are all blue, with the striking jacaranda flowers up in the trees in October and... down on the sidewalks in November.

And Sydney temperature is just right to get you up and running to the beach or dancing to some Latin rhythms.

How to Dress

Summer clothes are in. You may still need a jacket or blazer for the evenings but this is the time to get fit for the swimming gear.

Climate in Sydney Australia Spring Months Attractions

art and about festival - sydney life photographt Art and About - Sydney Life Outdoor Photography Exhibition

September is the first month of spring with 20 degrees C (68oF) maximum temperatures and 11 minimum (52oF).

  • The Art and About festival revives Sydney every spring with interesting and creative photography and art installations.

  • If you want to remember how it was to be a child, go to Bondi Beach and fly kites or just watch them at the Festival of the winds. Join a workshop and learn how to make them so nice and colourful.

  • Then head to the Fiesta in Darling Harbour and get the rhythm of Latin American music and dancers. Join them and learn to dance samba, salsa or tango.

For the car lovers, October is the month of the Australian international motor show. See the latest Australian glamour models and get a peek preview of the future car designs.

It is not only car models that are hot, the weather starts to get hotter too. Temperatures in October are on average between 22 degrees C (72oF)maximum and 13 minimum (55oF).

climate in sydney australia spring - bondi beach australia sculpture by the sea

End of October and beginning of November is the time when the famous Bondi beach becomes very artistic with the outdoor "Sculptures by the Sea" exhibition. Some of the exhibits are quirky, like the statue above of a little man with a briefcase, watching the ocean.

November is even warmer - 24 degrees C (75oF) maximum and 15 minimum (59oF). Shopping season is strong so there are fewer events this month as everyone prepares for the summer holidays and December celebrations: Christmas and New Year.

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