City of Sydney, the Heart

of the Greater Metropolitan Sydney

Many consider the city of Sydney the most beautiful and lively city in Australia. Here is why and here are some numbers and facts about the centre of city.

The core of this majestic city, which includes its Central Business District (CBD), has an enviable position. The gateway to the city, in the stunning Sydney Harbour, is flanked by the sails of the Opera on one side and the arch of the Bridge on the other.

sydney australia panorama circular quay

Sydney benefits from an exceptional combination of natural and man made factors that make it a true jewel in the Southern hemisphere:

City of Sydney Facts

Here are some numbers and facts that refer to the administrative area that forms the heart of Sydney, just a small part of this largest Australian city:

  • it covers 26 square km,

  • it has around 180,000 inhabitants,

  • it includes about 25 suburbs or more,

  • it employs around 350,000 people,

  • its main industries are business and financial services and telecommunications

  • it is visited by more than 2 million international travellers every year,

  • its cultural diversity is very strong, with a third of its residents born overseas,

  • it is a young city, with half of its population in the 20 to 40 age group.

In addition to its permanent workforce and tourists, around 400,000 people come to the city every day for business, shopping or leisure.

But all these numbers are just about the centre of Sydney, or what the time pressed visitors get to see.

Are you into numbers and want to know more about the whole metropolitan area? Check out these interesting figures and facts about Sydney Australia and about its suburbs and infrastructure.

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