Cheap Flights to Australia, How to Get them

>Flying cheaper

Cheap flights to Australia are not easy to find. If you are flexible and shop around you might find a bargain airfare to Sydney, Melbourne or other very large cities.

But how cheap is cheap?

You actually need to change your thinking to be satisfied that are you getting good value.

Travel distances are huge, so rather than thinking "cheap", think "a smart buy". And be prepared to open your purse.

If you do your homework you will be able to find something that fits your budget.

How can you get cheap flights to Australia? There are no fixed rules; there are too many variables on the market.

We have gathered some tips that can help you, and have provided more details about them in additional pages.

The headlines below give a short overview of those details. Click each image or headline to open a new page and find out more.

Cheap Flights

Planning early is key to
finding better deals with
your air travel Down Under.
Don't get stuck on a
certain date. Be open
to alternatives as this
can increase the success
rate of a cheaper airfare.
Keep your travel plans
as simple as possible.
Cheap Airfares

Use the internet to
search for various airfares.
But researching online
for discount airfares
is not an easy task.
Why not?
See here and get
information about some
websites that can help
with your search.
Discount Airfare

Be flexible and try booking
different months and
even days of the week.
Flexibility can mean that
you may have to travel
longer, with additional
stopovers. See why
stopovers are often good.
Also find some tips about
high and low seasons.

Cheap Flights

Shop around to get the
best deal for you. Be
prepared - it is a complex
and time consuming
exercise. Whether
you use the internet or
a travel agent, there are
various offers out there.
Bargain Flight
to Australia

Once you have done your
research and found
a fare that suits
your budget and time of
travel, book online.
Nothing beats the internet
when it comes to deals.
But you don't get any advice.
Economy Flight

With a long distance to
cover, an economy flight
is tiring and travellers
usually suffer from jet lag.
But you can choose
better seats.
Here is how, and
be ready to pay more.

Virgin Blue

If you want to see more of
the attractions in this
country, Virgin often has
lower prices. They fly to
many holiday spots and
cities. With an international
ticket book a pass
to fly around the country.
Cut Price Flights
with Tiger Airways

This Singaporean airline
operates and can fly you
"Down Under" at very
low fares. But low cost
comes with low flexibility.
And you have to pay
additional charges if you
want more comfort.

Domestic and international
flights. With Jetstar
you can travel around
the country at
lower prices.
You can also go to
Asia or other destinations
around the Pacific.

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