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The internet is your best friend when you are looking for cheap airfares Australia wide. Do your research and then ask a travel agent to give you a better quote.

Travel industry is so competitive that travel agents are fighting for your business and can get you good prices as well as advice.

The internet provides you with many ideas and options for a better travel experience.

But researching online for a discount airfare to Australia is not an easy task and not for everyone. It all depends on how much time you want to spend looking for possible bargains.

Because it does take time. You have to go through different sites and different dates to compare the results. 

Search engines for cheap airfares Australia

There are various search engines which compare airfares such as,

It can become quite tricky if you want more than just information about travel from point A to point B and back. For example, arm yourself with patience if you would like to visit multiple cities during your trip. You could break your journey and visit the city from where you need to catch a connecting flight, or you could add more cities to your trip.

Any addition to your trip increases the complexity of booking your travel. You will have to trawl through various options and write them down or remember them to be able to compare with the next choice that you find on the internet. And if you want to change just one variable, more often than not, you will have to start a new search, as many airline or travel website are not very search friendly for the large public.

flying high

The search for cheap airfares Australia wide is quite labour intensive and time consuming but if you are not very busy, do it. At least you get an understanding of what options are available. Then you can  narrow down your next search to what you think best suits you. And if eventually you decide to go to a travel agent, you would have already done your homework and know exactly what you need to ask them.

Another website that compares airfares is It belongs to an Australian company which is a true success story.

They have developed separate websites for travellers who live in UK, USA, Canada, South Africa and a number of Asian countries.

Choose your country and select flights. You will get a selection of airlines and prices, but to book your air travel to Australia, you need to call or send them an email. Flight Centre is a travel agent and not a comparison website.

Other options are the websites of various airlines. Go and check them to get the information directly from the right source.

If you want to get deals emailed to you subscribe to these websites and stay in touch with whatever bargain flight to Australia may appear. They don't happen too often, but it is better to be prepared.

Good luck with your search for cheap flights. If you take your time you'll find something that is right for you.

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