The Capital of Australia

Canberra is the capital of Australia since 1908. It is a city of great national significance, where all political decisions are made.

Don't expect Canberra to be like other capital cities of the world. It is a beautiful, green city with very large spaces, lots of parks and gardens.

But if you think you'll see the glass and steel skyscrapers, the modern facades that give the old heritage buildings a new life, the combination of tradition and innovation that are characteristic of most large Australian cities, you will be disappointed.

The capital of Australia is very different. It is not a city that grew naturally into a capital. It was planned and built just for this purpose.

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Visiting the Capital of Australia

Things to See in Canberra
things to see in canberra - visit the parliament house

Canberra attractions include political, cultural and recreational aspects. Are you spending there one, two or three days? Here's what to visit in the city.

If you can spare three days then you can also enjoy the beauty of its surrounding areas.
Canberra Tourism

canberra tourism deep space communication complex Tidbinbilla

Going there just for the weekend and don't want to go to the museums?

Here's how to spend a nice one, visiting the city centre, then heading to the hilly countryside to track the space at the Deep Space Communication Centre.
Things to Do in Canberra

things to do in canberra - visit cockington green gardens

The capital of Australia is really known for its museums. They are some of the best in the country.

You even have a garden museum with miniature houses, plants and various constructions that are replicas of the real stuff.

Cultural Canberra

National Gallery of Australia
national gallery canberra, the national art gallery
The National Gallery of Australia is a must see attraction. It houses collections of Australian, Western, Asian and Pacific art: paintings, sculpture, photography.
National Portrait Gallery

national art gallery canberra - national portratis gallery
The National Portrait Gallery is dedicated to great Australians, people who contributed make the country what it is today. Some are known figures, others humble heroes.
Canberra Museums

canberra museums - national museum Here are some quick facts about several must see museums in the capital city, their locations and visiting hours and a summary of what you can see there.
Australian War Memorial

australian war memorial canberra
The Memorial is on the Anzac Parade.

It is the world's largest war museum with collections of an estimated 4 million items. Browse them and enjoy the interactive experience.
Canberra Exhibitions

canberra exhibitions
Museums have their own collections but from time to time they organise exhibitions. These can group some of the items collected under one theme or can bring important works of art from one of the other famous world museums.
Floriade Canberra

floriade canberra tulips
Floriade is a glorious flower rejuvenation festival that tempts people to visit Canberra. It happens every year in spring and floods the Commonwealth Park with colour and fragrance. Go visit, you will enjoy the stunning display.

Information about the Australian Capital City

Canberra Info

canberra info travel along the coast from Sydney
Wondering where the capital of Australia is, how to get there, how far it is from Sydney or Melbourne, how long it takes you to get there by car, coach, train or plane?

Here are some facts.
Canberra History

canberra history old parliament house
Canberra's name is thought to come from an Aboriginal word. Indigenous Australians lived there long before Europeans discovered the area. The decision to build there the future capital city came at the beginning of the 20th century.
Canberra Map

View Larger Map

Click here for an interactive map that will help you see where the capital of Australia is located.

You will also be able to see where some of its attractions are.
Canberra Population

a large part of canberra population works in government jobs
This is a city with a small population, younger than in other capital cities. Here are some facts about the residents of the Australian Capital Territories.
Canberra Jobs

canberra jobs - public servants, education
The population in Canberra is highly skilled.

Interested to know where they work?
Canberra Weather

canberra weather - christmas time
The temperate climate allows you to fully enjoy all the four seasons. Visit the capital of Australia at any time of the year and you'll have a lot to see and do there.

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