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The capital of Australia is away from the coast, which means that Canberra weather is a bit different from that of other major cities.

It has a temperate climate.

The city is in a hilly area, about 150 km inland.

It does not get the lovely breeze we are used to in the areas along the coast.

Unlike most of Australian cities, where seasons blend one into the other, Canberra has four distinct seasons.


The mornings are cool and refreshing, the sun warms up during daytime and the evenings are crisp in spring.

It is a great time to go and visit the Floriade Canberra festival, where landscape designers create an amazing display of fresh flowers and colours.

canberra floriade


Weather heats up in summer with January the hottest month of the year. But the nights bring a cool change.


The glorious autumn days, with their rich palette of colours, are still warm but they cool down fast in the evenings.


In winter, mornings and evenings are chilly and days are much colder compared to Australian cities along the coast. Frosts and fog can happen quite often. And mountains can get snow.

It sometimes snows in the city too, but not too often and it melts very quickly. You are not too far from Thredbo, just about two and a half hours drive (180 km) to get to the real snow and skiing activities.

The rain is on the low side. You can expect more of it in September and less in July.

Weather Forecast Canberra

If you want to know what it is like in Canberra now, check the Bureau of Meterology site.

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