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Which Canberra university to go to, if you want to study in the capital of Australia? 

Here are three options: Australian Catholic University, Australian National Uni and University of Canberra.

Living in the capital of the country has its pros and cons. Many are attracted by jobs with federal government and administration but then get used to the city despite the fact that is is very different from all the state capital cities, which are coastal cities.

For students, Canberra offers many opportunities both in the learning area and with the entertainment options.

Australian National University 

Australian National University in Canberra

With universities present in almost each of the capital cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane and Perth, there was a need to create a Canberra university too. So in 1946 the Federal Parliament established the Australian National University in the capital city of the country. 

It has several colleges focusing on arts and social sciences, business and economics, law, engineering and computer science, Asian and Pacific studies, medicine, biology and environment, physical and mathematical sciences.

Through its famous Medical Research School and the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, the university is associated with 4 Australian scientists who are Nobel prize winners:

  • Sir Howard Florey, who won the prize in 1945 for his contribution to the discovery of penicillin, was a chancellor of the university and helped create the John Curtin School of Medical Research in 1948.  
  • Neurophysiologist John Carew Eccles, winner in 1963 for his research on brain and synaptic transmission, was founding Professor at the John Curtin School  
  • Professor Peter Doherty, awarded the Nobel prize in 1996 for his achievements in immunology worked at the same School of Medical Research.  
  • Professor Brian Schmidt, the most recent winner of the prize for physics in 2011 for demonstrating that the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace.

The main campus is in Acton, a suburb in Canberra. There are other campuses:  

  • two dedicated to astronomy research: the Mount Stromlo Observatory and Siding Spring Observatory,  
  • a small coastal research station at Kiola in New South Wales,  
  • a North Australia research unit in Darwin.

For more information about this Canberra university visit www.anu.edu.au

University of Canberra

Students have enrolled into this Canberra university since 1970. It started as a college of advanced education with four schools teaching administrative studies, applied science, computing studies and liberal studies.

In 1990 it was accredited as the University of Canberra. The number of courses broadened to include: arts and humanities, architecture, design, IT, engineering, media, health and nursing, pharmacy, business and government studies, law, education.  

In addition, the University of Canberra College assists international and domestic students with preparatory courses.

The large majority of students come from Canberra, but there is a growing number from New South Wales and other states plus many international students. They enrol for a variety of undergraduate or postgraduate courses and degrees and also research work.

The campus is in Bruce, not far from the centre of the City. For more information about courses and how to enrol check www.canberra.edu.au

Australian Catholic University (ACU) 

While it is founded on catholic tradition, the Australian Catholic University is open to anyone, irrespective of religion or beliefs. It is a rather newly established university (1991) but, as various long-standing catholic institutes and colleges merged to form it, the roots of the university go back to mid 19th century.

You can study a broad range of courses across art, sciences, business, education, health (nursing, physiotherapy, paramedicine), theology and philosophy.

It has campuses in the Australian Capital Territories - Canberra and in the 3 eastern states:

  • NSW: the Mary MacKillop campus in North Sydney - named after the first Australian saint, who dedicated her life to teaching and the Mount St Mary campus in Strathfield, an inner west suburb in Sydney; 
  • Victoria: Melbourne, in the suburb of Fitzroy as well as in Ballarat; 
  • Queensland, in Brisbane.

The university offers many international exchange opportunities and has programs in other countries such as Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, China.

If you are a teacher with an overseas degree and have relocated to Australia, you could qualify to register as a teacher in this country by enrolling into the courses of the Australian Catholic University. 

For more information visit its website www.acu.edu.au.

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