Canberra Population

Canberra population is not big for a capital city. The capital of Australia is much smaller than other major cities. But its population is younger.

The whole of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has just over 350,000 inhabitants and most of them reside in the city.

ACT, the smallest of all the country's states and territories has the highest population density: 148 people per square km compared to the average unusual 3 people per sq km for all Australia.

If you check the data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (, you will see that the population of Canberra is relatively young.

Its median age is less than 35 years. In terms of youth, this is second only to the Northern Territories. There, the median age is just about 32.

Overall in Australia, half the people are 37 years young or less, and the other half older.

Also the percentage of people between 20 and 34 years old is much higher in the capital city than in the rest of the country. This means young persons choose Canberra for their studies or work.

The population is also rather mobile, with some people moving in for jobs and others moving out after finishing their projects to rejoin family elsewhere.

A bit over one fifth of the residents in the Australian Capital city were born overseas. A large part of them come from the UK and New Zealand.

There are also many people who came from various countries in Asia such as China, Vietnam, India and some from Greece or Italy.

The population of the capital of Australia is highly skilled, with many being involved in a professional or managerial activity.

So what kind of jobs should people expect in the capital of the country? And what else is there to know? Check these pages for more information.

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