Canberra Map

Here is an interactive Canberra map to help you get more info about the capital of Australia and see where the attractions are.

You can choose to view the plan of the city by zooming in (click on the "+" sign at the top left of the map, under the arrows).

Or get to see where the city is in relation to other major cities or the coast, by zooming out (click on the "-" sign).

Map Canberra

Click on the pins on the map to see where some of the city's attractions are and how to get them.

You will find more information about them in the related pages about the capital of Australia on this website. Just scroll down this page.

You can choose the view of this map. Canberra is in a hilly area, so click "Terrain" (top right) to see the streets overlaid with the contour of the slopes.

Or click the "Satellite" icon to see images and photos of Canberra taken from the space.

The city has a well organised structure with concentric circular streets, set on the lake Burley Griffin. You will easily see this on the map, when you zoom in a bit.

Zoom more to see the buildings, roads and even cars in traffic or parked.

You can also view Canberra museums, hotels and other attractions.

But if you are just after the basics: where is the city and how to get there, check Canberra info.

And don't skip the population and jobs page, if you want to know how many people live there and what work they do.

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