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A Low-Stress Town with a Lighthouse

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If a town has a lighthouse I am drawn to it.

The Byron Bay lighthouse stands at the cape, already 100 metres or so above the sea.

This elevation meant that the structure did not need to be very tall but it is handsome and is notable for being both the most easterly on the Australian mainland.

It is built in the Colonial style with ornate crowns.

The light itself is notable for being one of the most powerful in Australia, its light source electric, since 1956, shining through an 8 ton lens made in Paris just over 100 years ago.

the lighthouse at byron bay new south wales

Byron Bay New South Wales - Organising the Holiday

We found accommodation in Byron Bay and booked directly online but we discovered that we could have arranged that via the Byron Visitor Centre.

This is an expert clearing house of everything you need. We could have booked an airport transfer back to Brisbane if we had needed to but then did use it to book a flotation tank session and massage at Relax Haven.

The massage was deep and good, the float intriguing. You lie suspended in a saturated solution of Epsom salts at body temperature in a large tub. It was a first for me and it won't be the last.

There are dozens of places providing other healthful treatments such as Surf and Yoga retreats, Aqua Balance healing and Vibrational Medicine, as well as the perhaps better known remedies like Aromatherapy, Acupuncture and Reflexology.

We resolved to work our way through the list should we begin to suffer from stress, but it seemed that I had left mine back in the Flotation tank.

Perhaps chilled is the wrong word to describe how you feel after stepping from a warm bath but you will certainly be relaxed. And that relaxed mood might lead you to indulge in more contemplative activities.

byron bay headland, most easterly point in mainland Australia

No problem.

Leave energetic pastimes behind for a while and investigate the offerings in the field of Arts and Crafts.

Byron Bay New South Wales - Quirky Shopping

First stop is the Byron Community Market which is situated at the market ground near the railway station.

The market is held monthly and our stay fortunately coincided. There are dozens of permanent sites, the holders of which have been approved on the basis of the uniqueness of their products and the extent to which they are truly self-made.

We spent a long morning marvelling over the workmanship and originality of natural jewellery, gemstones of every hue, beautiful sandals, striking hand-crafted furniture made of local timber, and so much more.

hang gliding at byron bay beach Hang gliding is a popular sport in Byron Bay

It's a universally acknowledged fact that hunting for treasures in a market is just as good for working up an appetite as hang-gliding or body surfing.

We had a list of eateries to try in town but keen for lunch without delay we sampled some delicious Indian snacks at a stall in the market, followed by delicious coffee which we were surprised and interested to learn was made from not Brazilian, not Kenyan, but Australian coffee beans.

byron bay restaurants reviews

Revitalised, we set off to see what more Byron could offer us. For example more entertainment. Here's how to plan your trip to take advantage of the many and varied Byron Bay festivals.

byron bay headland, most easterly point in mainland Australia

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