Bondi Beach Life Guards

by Upendra Gehlot
(Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India)

I watch every day when the program comes on T.V. This is my best program and I don't miss it. I saw life guards saved many lives without caring for their own life.

I am interested in Bondi beach people guards. I want to go to the beach, I want to feel and watch live this beach and want to complete my dream.

I am impressed by your work and one day me too want to go over there to Australia. Thanks.


Hi Upendra,

Thanks for your comments.

I can understand that you like "Bondi Rescue", it is a show that captures a very important part of the Australian life - the love for the beach and the support that lifeguards happily give to other people.

The surf life saving is an institution in Australia, it has been around since 1907 and its members have helped many people stay alive.

Lifeguard patrols are professionals employed by local councils who keep the beaches safe. They are dressed in blue and white. But the beaches wouldn't be as safe without the help of the many volunteers.

sydney beaches
Sydney Beaches

Come summer, you can see them in weekends, dressed in the iconic yellow tops, red swim trunks and red and yellow caps, touring the beaches, or sitting in their patrol towers to keep a watchful eye of the swimming area. They are equipped with rescue boards, loud hailers to alert people of any incoming danger in the water and keep bathers between the flags and board riders away from them, inflatable rescue boats, jet skis. And when things get really nasty there are helicopters to the rescue.

Most lifeguards at Bondi and many other beaches are volunteers who train in first aid, resuscitation, surf skills and of course rapid swimming. Training can start at very young ages, and a 15 year old can earn the title of a surf lifesaver if they prove to have achieved the right level of rescue knowledge.

The Bondi Life Saving club boasts to be the oldest in the world and their members are the busiest in Australia.

Bondi Beach attracts a huge number of tourists, many of them not experienced in swimming in the ocean as opposed to other Sydney beaches where most swimmers are the locals who know that the ocean can be extremely dangerous and thus tend to stay away from the risk, if they are not trained.

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Mar 25, 2012
by: Angela

Hi Upendra,

Thanks for commenting.

I believe Australia is a very safe country, safer than most other countries in the world. Tolerance and respect are the norm. But, as anywhere else, bad things can happen from time to time. This is how life is: there are good things and not so good ones.

There were some incidents that happened in 2009 or 2010 and they were all amplified by the media in various countries. And many stereotypes were formed. But stereotypes are just assumptions and they can hurt how people connect with each other.

It is as simple as riding a bus in Sydney or going to a shopping mall to see people of all races and backgrounds around you. Does this look like a danger place? Not at all.

Indian culture is almost everywhere in Australia, it manifests in food with great ethnic restaurants, in entertainment with Bollywood themed parties and cruises, there are movies galore, festivals, and various community events open for anyone who wants to participate.

If you want to visit Bondi, don't be guided by stereotypes. Ask your friends or other people who visited.

Mar 24, 2012
I Would like to Visit Bondi beach
by: Upendra Gelot

Thank you,

I would like to visit over there. For Indian People I heard Australia is a danger place cause I hear every time about Indian what happens with my peoples.

So please let you know about our safety. And please show your programs again on Indian Channel. Thank you again.

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