Get the Best Currency Exchange Rates - Plan in Advance

Heading Down Under? Getting the best currency exchange rates will help.

With today's unpredictable environment, to get a better exchange rate when you send money to Australia, plan your transfer in advance.

Want to know how you can get the rate you want? Get in touch with our resident currency exchange specialist.

Peter Lavelle at foreign exchange specialist Pure FX - 21.10.2011.

Sentiment on the foreign exchange market is changing so much at the moment, it is difficult to keep track of where the rates are going. One moment the Australian dollar has gained as Eurozone politicians reveal a plan to solve the debt crisis, the next sterling is up on strong retail sales.

For people planning to emigrate to Australia, this of course makes it challenging to secure a good exchange rate. Sterling has gained then lost several cents against the Australian dollar several times, this past fortnight alone.

best currency exchange rates

Fortunately then, there are things you can do to guard against fluctuations on the foreign exchange market, just like we're seeing now. For this, you might like to contact us at specialist foreign exchange broker Pure FX as long in advance of when you plan to emigrate as possible.

This is because, if you plan your transfer in advance, it gives you the biggest possible window in which to secure a good rate. One of our specialist dealers can keep an eye on the market on our behalf, and get in touch as soon as your target rate appears.

In addition, we can talk you through the various options, such as setting up a forward contract to lock in the exchange rate, or making regular payments, if you're about to take on an overseas mortgage. This could help make the transfer as convenient as possible.

The alternative means accepting whatever rate is available on the day, and potentially losing thousands of Australian dollars because of a poor exchange rate. This, of course, is the last thing anyone wants when starting a new life abroad.

"Thanks for the notification, the funds have landed in my account today. Without hesitation I would be happy to recommend Pure FX to friends or colleagues with similar needs. I have found the service to be helpful, efficient and effective. Many thanks for your help." - Patrick McMahon, Essex.

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