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You can book a bargain flight to Australia online once you have done your research and found a fare that suits your budget and time of travel.

If you only need an airline ticket, and don't require advice or help with accommodation or transport at your arrival, you can go straight to the airline's website.

Or you can book via a travel site, such as Flight Centre. They offer just the flight, or a whole package including accommodation, car rental.

Waiting up to the last minute to book a flight can very seldom save you money. Usually the later you purchase your tickets the more expensive they are.

However sometimes flights don't get fully booked. You may be lucky and get a good deal with your air travel to Australia, as airlines would rather sell for less than fly empty. But don't count on this.

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It's difficult to get a bargain flight to Australia but you can minimise your costs. Here's how.

With many destinations around the world, choosing a smaller airport can help reduce the airfare, but not with the land "Down Under". Stick to capital cities.

Also there is a broad range of air passes for other destinations. But there is a quite a limited choice of such tickets for Australia. Qantas and Virgin may offer them.

With the air passes you can book a flight to Sydney or other large city and get in addition several other cheap airfares to nice destinations, so you get to see more of the country and pay less than if you booked those other destinations as stand alone trips.

When you reserve online, check all the additional fees that can be charged, for example a booking charge or a credit card fee. Most airlines apply such fees to pass on their administrative costs to clients and also make some nice profits on top of those costs.

One of the drawbacks of booking cheap flights online can be the terms and conditions for your cheap fare: the very cheap ones cannot be cancelled, which means there is no refund in case you need to change your mind or if something unexpected happens. There's travel insurance for this, though only for the unexpected bit not for changing your mind.

However there are deals that allow you to change your ticket for a reasonable fee, say - 5-10% of the value of the ticket.

So whenever you book online don't just tick the "agree with the terms" box.

Read the fine prints that state the rules of the fare, and add the additional fees for changing the date or the name of the passenger to the cost of the ticket. If the new amount is still lower than other fares or if you think the risk of having to change is low then go for the deal.

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