Australian Travel Visa - eVisitor

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Flying from Europe? The eVisitor Australian travel visa is for you if you are coming for short holidays, business conferences or visits.

Below is our understanding of how it works.

For the up-to-date, official and detailed information visit the department of immigration website:
Apply online if you hold a passport from European countries. Though not from all.

Find out from which countries at

So, here's a quick recap - to request this visa you have to be European and you have to apply online.


  • you want a holiday and don't come from Europe,

  • are from Europe but don't want to apply online

read more about the tourist visa here, to see another option to apply for a trip to this country.

And if you have relatives in Australia and get to convince them to pay for your visit then you can come as a sponsored visitor.

Australian Travel Visa - eVisitor, How to Apply

This is an electronic application but don't leave it to the last minute. Apply at least 2 weeks before showing up at the airport.

When you apply you have to prove that you hold an eligible passport by providing all the details required in the application. Also provide your email address to communicate with the Australian department of immigration. They will email you if your application is approved.

Keep this email and have it with you during your travel as it shows the conditions and validity of your visa for Australia. Your passport will not show any stamp or label.

And make sure the passport you used for your application is the same with the one you use when you enter the country, as border authorities will access electronically the details of your document.

What You Can Do on an eVisitor

  • You can stay in the country for a maximum period of 3 months;

  • You can bring your family but each (even children) should have their own eVisitor permit;

  • If you come as a tourist you can do some limited volunteer work without pay. While you must not get money, you can receive accommodation or meals in return for your volunteer work.

What You Cannot Do

  • You cannot extend this electronic Australian travel visa, but you can apply for a different one, for example to continue your tourism activities;

  • If you are in for a business travel, you cannot work in this country, though you can enquire about work or have business discussions.

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