Australian Slang

Australian slang is colourful and rich. It is another proof of the informal lifestyle that Australians love.

You will hear the slang more often in circles of close friends, going to, or watching sport or going to the pub. You may stumble upon it when you watch a movie or read a book that describes colourful characters.

Otherwise it's mostly plain English. Though with a spin...shorter words.

Australian language includes shortened words. Probably because people like to be casual.

Australian Slang - Food

Here are some goodies (treats) that Aussies (Australians) can have during the day:

  • A vegemite spread (one of Australia favorite foods) and an avo (avocado) for brekkie (breakfast).

  • Then a bickie (biscuit) or a chockie (chocolate) with a cuppa (cup of tea or coffee), for morning tea (around 10 am) or for the smoko.
    Smoko used to be the time taken for a ciggie (cigarette) but as more and more people are giving up the old bad habits, it has come to mean a break for a snack, or a... munchie. Munchies can be any quick bite, savoury or sweet.

  • A Maccas (McDonald) is ok for lunch and then a decaff cap (decaffeinated cappuccino) in the arvo (afternoon).

  • Aussies love their dinner. They'll throw some beaut (beautiful) prawns and some veggies (vegetables) on the barbie (barbecue) and have a coldie (beer). Or buy a bottle of wine and go to a BYO (bring your own) restaurant to order some food.

  • Some will go to the pub and shout a round (buy drinks) for their mates and expect them to return the favour.

Australian Slang - Easy Going All the Way Through

Here are some examples of the vivid Australian language:

  • Parents enrol children in the kindie (kindergarten) and encourage them to go on to uni (university).

  • In the morning and afternoon there is a lollipop person (holding a stop sign) supervising pedestrian crossings near school to keep children safe.

  • People buy Chrissie (Christmas) prezzies (gifts) for their rellies (relatives).

  • They get the rego (registration) for their car every year.
  • australian slang - esky and thongs

  • On a scorcher (hot day) Aussies put on their sunnies (sun glasses), thongs (rubber sandals) and head for the beach, with some stubbies (375ml beer bottles) and nibblies (finger food) in the esky (cool box).

  • And they buy sunscreen at the chemist. But if they forgot and got burnt, they might call in a sickie (take a day off work) next day.

The animals have their own special place in the Australian language.

A chicken is a chook, the baby kangaroo is a joey, while the adult is also known as a roo. Mosquitoes are mozzies and crocodiles are crocs.

And back to food: bugs (as in Balmain bug - a lobster) and yabbies (crayfish) are sea food delicatessen.

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