Australian Singers

Australian singers, Gabriella Cilmi and Delta Goodrem launched their careers very early, gained recognition "down under," and then across the world.

They recoded many singles and albums and won numerous awards both in their home country and internationally.

Hard work and dedication of each to discover the best in their talent and bring quality to their publics made them rise to the top in the music industry.

They are part of the famous Australian musicians that make the country and its people well known around the world.

Australian Singers - Gabriella Cilmi

australian singers - gabriella cilmi Photo courtesy of Pascal Terjan

Gabriella Cilmi, born in Melbourne, is a young talent who won six ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) awards at just 17 years old. She rose to fame early and quickly and is now renowned around Europe, where she participated to various festivals, and also in US.

She started singing at a very young age, influenced by artists such as Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens or Led Zeppelin.

As a 13 year old teenager, she performed at an outdoor festival in Melbourne, on the famous Lygon Street, known for its many gourmet Italian restaurants. She was immediately noticed for her strong, outstanding voice and Warner Music offered her deals in the US and UK.

Cilmi made her debut on the UK television in 2007 with "Sweet About Me". The single topped the charts in both Australia and UK. Her first album, "Lessons to be Learned" was also a hit. In May 2008 she rose to number 1, ahead of Madonna on UK's top 10 charts.

The six Aria awards she won in 2008 include:

  • three awards for "Sweet About Me":
    • Single of the Year,
    • Highest Selling Single,
    • Breakthrough Artist - Single.
  • three awards for "Lessons to Be Learned":
    • Best Female Artist,
    • Best Pop Release,
    • Breakthrough Artist - Album.

She is clearly a talent to watch.

Australian Singers - Delta Goodrem

australian singers - Delta Goodrem Photo courtesy of of Yves Remedios

Australian talents launch their careers young. Another famous singer who made it while still a teenager is Delta Goodrem.

She started recording at just 15 and rose to fame three years later, in 2002, when she played the role of a singer in the television series "Neighbours". Delta was recognised as the Most Popular New Talent at the 2003 Logie Awards (the highest accolade of the Australian television industry).

Her 2003 album, "Innocent Eyes", rose to number one on the ARIA charts and maintained that position for six months. It sold millions of copies worldwide and won her three ARIA awards for highest selling album, best breakthrough artist and best pop release.

2003 was a good year for her performance but bad for her health. She won four more ARIA awards, one for best female artist and three for the single "Born to Try", but was unable to perform at the gala as she was battling cancer.

Delta followed treatment and recovered fully. Her fight with the illness inspired her second album, "Mistaken Identity", in 2004.

A true survivor, she took up work again, touring Australia with "The Visualise" concerts in 2005, releasing albums in Japan and performing in UK in 2006.

Delta Goodrem explored the US markets in 2005, then in 2007 and 2008 and continued to write and release successful songs and albums.

The 2007 album "Delta" was highly acclaimed in Australia and won a 2008 ARIA award.

She also won a World Music Award for Highest Selling Australian Artist in 2008.

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