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Australian real estate agents can help you find a rental property in this country. Here is an overview of what to ask them when you want to rent a house, and what to do to get your application approved.

Before contacting agents, do your own research.

Browse listings online on and grab the local newspaper to get a feel for the rental market in the area where you want to live, whether it is a home to rent in Sydney or elsewhere around Australia.

Go to that area, walk around the streets, check whether there are more homes or more units, go to the shopping centre, see where the schools are, find out what public transport is available and how frequent it is.  

Then contact several property agents. Usually they have their offices in the business area of each suburb, either at the shopping centre or on a high traffic street. 

Browse the ads in their shop windows and check the rental sheets that list available properties and their weekly rents.


Australian Real Estate Agents, Rental Listings

Here is how to know more about the properties on the agent's list:

  • Go to open houses or ask to visit the houses you like.
  • Ask the agent to describe the area: shops, schools, transport, amenities. Then compare to your own findings.
  • Ask details about each property you see, their condition and maintenance, whether you can bring your pets.
  • Ask if the rent listed is negotiable.

Once you are satisfied put in your application to rent the house.

Now, all this information is good in a cold market. But the rental market in Sydney Australia is very hot.

It is an owners' market not a tenants' market. So you need to gain the trust of the real estate agent.

Property agents need to look good in front of the owners. So that the owners continue to list their properties with them.

How will they look good?

By recommending those tenants that are the most likely to interfere the least with the landlord's daily life and assets.

The agent's main focus is to ensure the owners only receive their monthly cheque. No calls to say the place is dirty or damaged or payments are delayed.

Which means they screen the prospects thoroughly.

And it is not only checking references from previous property managers, employers and other references you may have

It is not only asking for documents showing that you can afford to pay the rent.

It is also about listening to what you say, how you act and behave so that they get the feel of what sort of tenant you are going to be.

Help them help you. Dress the part. Be as professional as you can. Earn their respect and trust.

And then, after your application is approved, walk your talk. Take care of the property and don't miss a payment. Because you'll probably want the agent's reference after you leave the house and move on to another one.

Australian Real Estate Agents - Your Application is Approved

This is what usually happens next. The agent:

  • asks you to pay a reservation fee, which may or may not be refunded if you change your mind, so ask;
  • gives you the tenancy agreement;     
  • asks you to pay a bond;
  • asks you to pay upfront the rent for the first 2 to 4 weeks;
  • visits the property with you and drafts a condition report which you both agree and sign;
  • then organises to collect your weekly rent;
  • liaises with the owners to organise maintenance and repair works, if required;
  • does routine inspections and reports on the condition of the house to the owners.  

If you are looking to buy a property and not rent, check here to see how real estate agents can help you with the purchase.


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