Australian People

Australian people, whether Aboriginal Australians, descendants of early immigrants or new comers, they are all true survivors. They tamed a harsh environment and turned it into today's amazing destination.

This page summarises information about the size and growth of the population in the country, the values that people live by and some facts about the indigenous Australians.

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Population of Australia

The population is very vibrant and culturally diverse. New migrants to this country bring a powerful contribution to growth of the economy.

Australia Population

Media reveals new growth figures, which are really remarkable. The number of Australians is expanding at an increasing rate.

Australian Aboriginals, the Native People

Aborigines populated the continent before Europeans settled it. They had a strong social and religious organisation and spoke many different languages and dialects.

Australian Aborigines - Surviving the Harsh Environment

The Aboriginal story of survival is quite amazing. They adapted to the dry continent and used fire as a tool to rejuvenate the environment and promote growth.

Aboriginal Australians Medicine

How did Indigenous Australians stay healthy?

Their medicine is based on the use of herbs and plants as remedies for various health issues.

What do Aborigines Eat?

Is Aboriginal food really different? Not today, but in the past they learnt to survive on foods they found in the bush.

Aboriginal Food and Finding Water

Traditional aboriginal food is whatever nature is offering. To survive in the desert, Indigenous Australians learnt various ways to find water and food.

Australian Aboriginal Food

What food is actually available in the desert? Click the headline above to find out how Aboriginal Australians survived on bush tucker for tens of thousands of years.

The First Australian Saint, Mary MacKillop

St Mary of the Cross embodies the values of equality and fair go for all. She was a humble nun who touched the hearts and minds of many people in need.

Australian Values

Here are some of the values that are important to Australian people:

  • respect for the other and for the environment,
  • tolerance,
  • equality and equal opportunity for everyone,
  • fair play,
  • freedom.

Sydney Olympics 2000

The Millenium Games benefited a lot from the hard work of tens of thousands of volunteers who made the Sydney Olympics such a success story.

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