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Wondering which are the Australian newspapers? Not easy to find them in the news stalls if you don't live Down Under. But you can search and get the information online, right here.

Below is a list of the major newspapers in Australia. You can search news published by them online, courtesy of Google.

Bookmark this page to return easily and search again whenever you need to get something from newspapers around this country. You can also subscribe to this site, by clicking on the buttons on the left, below the menu, and receive RSS feeds.

All major Australian newspapers publish online editions, most of them free. However some require a subscription, if you want to read more than just the headlines. Usually these are the more specialised ones that have in-depth articles about hot topics or about business. If such topics are of interest to you, paying a fee is worth as it will offer you good commentary about business or investment strategies, success stories, ideas about creating or expanding wealth, lifestyle.

Here are some of the most important newspapers in Australia, by location:

Country wide

  • Daily:
    • "The Australian" newspaper - for articles and information that refer to the whole country,
    • Australian Financial Review - as the name indicates, it specialises in business and finance news
  • Weekly:
    • BRW - specialised in markets, entrepreneurship, investment, business and wealth strategies. Every year, it lists the 200 richest people in Australia and has a young rich list too. It is very worthy to read if you want to learn what the successful people do to be even more successful.

Both the Australian Financial Review and the BRW require a subscription to allow you to view all the articles, analysis and reports offered.

Newspapers by states and territories

  • New South Wales - for Sydney newspapers, click here to see which are the major ones and search for items that interest you online.
  • Victoria:
    • The Age
    • Herald Sun
  • Queensland - The Courier Mail
  • Western Australia:
    • The West Australian
    • The Sunday Times
  • South Australia - The Advertiser
  • Tasmania:
    • The Mercury
    • The Sunday Tasmanian
  • Northern Territories - The Northern Territory News
  • Australian Capital Territory - The Canberra Times

Now that you know more about the Australian newspapers, stay updated with information and articles by inserting your search terms in the Google box below. It will bring information published in most of the papers listed above.


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