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Searching for work is not an easy task. Especially when you are looking for the first job in a new country!

Finding something that is suitable for you and matches your skills and experience can be difficult when you are not familiar with the local employment market, which may be quite different from what you experienced in your home country.

Here are some tips that can help you understand what the first steps are.

When you are at the very beginning you are faced with a number of questions:

  • When to start looking? 
  • Where and how to search for Australian jobs?
  • What is the employment environment in Australia?
  • How is it to be working in Australia?

Australian Job Search, When to Start Looking for Work

You should do a job search Australia wide before deciding what state or city to move in.

Search the internet for your occupation and see where the largest number of jobs that may suit you are advertised.

It is a good idea not to limit yourself to your current profession. The old "job for life" model is a thing of the past. We are increasingly switching jobs more often and even changing the whole career path.

So look for Australian jobs that require skills you had acquired in all your previous occupations or through further learning.

Australian Job Search, Where and How?

searching for Australian jobs online

Search for Australian jobs on the Career One, My Career and Seek websites.

Browse these sites and get up to speed with various requirements of the employment market.

You'll find excellent recommendations on how to create a great resume for each job advertisement, how to write cover letters and how to prepare for an interview.

Plus you get lots of career advice, job search tips and information about employers and industries.

Here are some other things you can do to help with your Australian job search:

  • Buy the daily newspapers. The Wednesday and Saturday issues advertise vacant positions. Also browse the local free newspapers available in your suburb. You may get them delivered at home or you'll find them in shopping centres.
  • If you are searching for Sydney jobs don't miss your weekend Sydney Morning Herald. It has a special career insert. And highly skilled roles are advertised throughout the other pages of the weekend issue.  
  • Register with Centerlink as soon as you arrive. Centrelink is a good start for any Australian resident especially at the very beginning before having set up your internet or phone services. You can use the free facilities available there: phone, internet, fax.   
  • Centrelink can refer you to Job Services which is a resource set up by the Government to help with finding employment. You can access their online database named Australian Job Search and look for jobs online.   
  • And Centrelink has a career information centre that can guide you and help improve your approach to finding a job.   
  • Register with employment agencies. Australia has quite a large number of them. Talk to an experienced employment counsellor and ask for advice. 
  • If you need to brush up your English, register with Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) within 3 months of arriving in Australia. You may be eligible for free English lessons.       
  • AMEP may have classes that teach you how to apply for a job and prepare for an interview. It helps.      
  • If you need to translate your documents, go to the language service of the Community Relations Commission.

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