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Variety, refinement and flavours are the words that come to mind when you think about the offer at restaurants Down Under. And not only restaurants. Cooking fine dishes at home is becoming a favourite pastime.

Below are some examples of what people eat when going out or on special occasions.

Australian foods have it all: a cascade of colours, textures, flavours, tastes.

You will find a combination of crisp Mediterranean greens and pasta, Middle Eastern rich mixtures of exotic ingredients, wide assortments of Asian vegetables or hot and spicy finger food.

All you need is your appetite to enjoy the food culture in this country.

What Do Australians Eat When Going Out?

Eating out is an enjoyable experience with so many eateries that offer all the variety of flavours you can think of. You can go for all types of succulent Asian foods, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern healthy sensations, South American spicy dishes - just open your local directory and you are guaranteed to find a restaurant to please the most sophisticated food connoisseur.

But take care with the size of your portion as obesity in Australia is increasing.
Did I mention the wine? Australia is not only the world's fifth largest producer, it has also won a strong reputation for quality wine. You will always be able to choose something from the large array of both reds and whites to match your dish.

Australian Foods for Special Days

australian foods include lobsters


Turkey, ham and pudding have their special place for Christmas and New Year's day.

But as these celebrations come in summer, lobsters, oysters, prawns, mud crabs or scallops are much better options for the festive lunch or dinner.

australian foods for Christmas include oysters

Fresh, succulent oysters, the best place to buy them is the Sydney Fish Market

Lamb is big on Australia Day and for Easter too. It is delicious, has a mild flavour and is extremely tasty, which makes it one of the preferred dishes.

australian foods - mouthwatering cakes

Special occasions without sweets? No way.

Australians love sweets and cakes.

There is always a mouthwatering, rich cake or two to enjoy at a birthday party.

Just the right touch of fabulous, comfort food...

Native Australian Foods

Macadamias are native plants that produce excellent nuts. They are a delicacy, eaten as such or used in various recipes. And they are the only indigenous Australian plant to become a big food item internationally.
The macadamia nuts oil is one of the healthiest choices you can make. It has incredibly high levels of mono-unsaturated fats, you know, the good ones and they are higher than in olive oil.

Which doesn't mean you should use lots of macadamia oil, as too much fat whether saturated or not can't be good. But when you eat fat in moderation, go for unsaturated one. Buy your macadamia oil from Amazon.

Kangaroo meat is available for sale in supermarkets, as fillets or minced. It is an excellent lean meat but the majority prefers lamb, beef, pork and poultry.

You can try emu or crocodile if you go out for dinner. But these are not your everyday foods.

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