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You have to love Australian food. With a population coming from so many different backgrounds, some of the best dishes around the world are being served at tables around the country.

Some dishes have gone mainstream - you can have a Mediterranean, Asian or South American lunch at a small eatery or takeaway shop.

Others form part of the gourmet food style - you have to book dinner at stylish restaurants.

Or, if you like cooking you can make them yourself. There are plenty cookbooks and even tv shows that demonstrate what to do.

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Australian Food Culture

Australian Cuisine

Finding food and cooking
it has been going on for
a very long time in this
country. However most
think only about the way
people have been eating
since European
But there is much more
about Australian cuisine
than meets the eye.
The Food Culture

An amazing amount
of flavours, ingredients
and creativity
is shaping
a vibrant and
multicultural way
of cooking and enjoying
what you eat.
Today's cuisine
is highly imaginative,
fresh and luscious.
Australian Diet

Fast food is a convenient
and quick way that fits with
our busy lifestyles. It is
part of the daily diet, but
it will never be as
good as the fresh
food. People are
turning to the many
healthier options such
as seafood, fresh
produce, gourmet eating.

Favourite Australian Food

Australia Food

Today people like to eat
a varied range of dishes:
rich, tasty and stylish. But
it was not always like this.
Here is a brief history of
how food tastes in
Australia have evolved
with time.
Eating Out

Do you want to know what
people eat when
going out?
Or for special occasions
such as for Christmas
or Easter?
Here are
some examples.
Typical Australian Food

While the cuisine
Down Under is
yummy and extremely
varied there are some
items that are
typical to this country:
vegemite, pavlova,
sausage sizzle, meat pies.

Popular Foods
in Australia

Which is the iconic food
that stood the test
of the time?
The crunchy Anzac
cookies and the
Vegemite delighted
generations of children
since the beginning of
last century.
What do Australians

Easy question to answer.
Mix a large array
of ingredients with
both traditional and
modern flavours.
And see some examples
of what is on the
menu for breakfast, lunch
and dinner.
What Do Aborigines

Is the way they eat
really different?
Not today, but in the past
they learned to survive on
foods they found
in the bush. And some of the
native plants are really
great and aromatic,
such as the lemon myrtle.

More Information

Australian Aboriginal

Check out to see more of
what the desert offers as
food items: seeds,
nectar, honey, berries.
Native Australian foods
are becoming
commercially available
Give it a try to the beautiful
native herbs and spices.
How Did Aborigines
Find Water?

Traditional aboriginal
food is whatever nature is
offering. But finding
water is not easy in areas
where drought rules. See
here how Aboriginal
Australians survived in the
desert, learning various
ways to find the precious
Facts About Obesity
in Australia

Obesity is increasing at
an alarming rate.
What is causing
the epidemic,
when there's lots of
delicious, fresh
food available?
Fighting obesity
has become a
national health priority.


Easy Australian

Do you want
to cook something
quick and easy?
Click on the
headline above
to check out
some great, healthy salads.
Australian Fish

Fish anyone?
Here are two recipes:
baked mullet
and baked latchet
with mussel meat
and olives. Very
healthy and easy to make.
Quick Prawn

Add prawns to tropical fruits
for amazing flavours.
See here two dishes: prawns
and grapefruit and
prawns and persimmons
salads. Fruity,
light and easy to cook.

Easy Pasta Recipes

Pasta is an extremely popular food "Down Under". Check out these two excellent dishes.

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