Australian Driving Licence

by Vivian

Are Malaysia drivers' licences (car to big truck) recognised by Australia?

Do we need to go through knowledge test, practical driving test, and an eyesight test all over again?

How much does it cost to get a licence in Australia?

Appreciate your reply.


To be able to drive in Australia you need an Australian driving licence. There are a number of countries that issue licences recognised in Australia - check them on the RTA website When I checked I didn't see Malaysia there.

When you become a permanent resident of Australia you can drive for a maximum period of 3 months from your arrival on your overseas driving licence.

During this period you are able to familiarise yourself with the legislation of the state where you are and find out which are the exact requirements for a local driving licence.

Australian driving licence – street view in ChatswoodDriving in Sydney - here are some Sydney travel tips

For example if you move to New South Wales, visit the RTA website, download the road users booklet and start preparing for your knowledge test.

Australian Driving Licence Knowledge Test

This is a computer test where you need to answer a number of questions randomly generated on your screen. If you have read and understood the booklet it should be fairly easy to complete the test.

Driving Test

Once you have passed your knowledge test book the driving one.

As a tip - take one or several driving lessons with a qualified instructor. Take them even if you've been driving for a long time and think you are an excellent driver.

The instructor will give you some hints about what you should do and should not do during the test. They know what the
test officers expect from you, so the lessons should improve your chances of getting your Australian driving licence the first time you try.

There are some tricks of the trade, that are actually described in the road users handbook, but practicing is always better than just reading. For example it is good to read about where exactly to stop before an intersection, what to do when the light is amber, how to ensure it is safe to change the lane or how to maintain a safety distance, but it's a different story when someone shows you and asks you to do what they showed you.

Book the lessons with an instructor that services the area where you will have the test. Knowing the roads, the signs, where the schools, traffic lights and roundabouts are will make things easier for you on the test day.

Eyesight Test

Usually the person who handles your documents for the licence asks you to take the eyesight test, on the spot, at the counter.

Australian Driving Licence Fees

There are several costs in getting the licence and they include fees for the various tests you need to pass, the most common being the knowledge and driving tests.

Once you passed them you have to pay the fee for the licence. This varies depending on what type it is: learner, provisional or unrestricted. If it is a full licence then it also depends on the number of years for which you take it: 1, 3 or 5 years. When the licence expires there's another fee to renew it.

You will find all these fees on the website of the licensing authority in the state where you live (RTA in New South Wales, for example).

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