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If you want to know what happened to the Australian dollar exchange rates in 2012, and, even more importantly, why things happened scroll down to check out the posts at the bottom of this section.

They will open new pages of information about all the turbulence throughout the year. 

Read these posts by Peter Lavelle, economic writer at PureFX foreign exchange broker.

Here is a quick summary illustrated by a graph.

The chart below does not show any numbers - it just shows three irregular saw teeth as a symbol of how the rates moved up and down in 2012 - how the Aussie dollar fared against the major currencies of euro, sterling pound and US dollar.


The Australian dollar began and ended the year at almost the same points against the sterling pound. With a debut at above 0.65 in January, it climbed to above 0.68 in February, had its worst at a little below 0.62 in May but then made its way up to above 0.67 in August and down to 0.63 in October to end the year at 0.64.

AUD - Euro

It had a similar movement against the Euro. In January the Australian dollar was around 0.78 euros, it had its lowest point at below 0.77 in May, peaked at to 0.86 in August, down to 0.78 in October, climbed back to 0.82 in November and ended the year a little above 0.78.


The Aussie dollar started its journey at around 1.02 US dollars in January, had a big dive to 0.96 in June, moved to almost 1.06 US in August, then declined to 1.01 in October and ended the year above 1.03 against the North American currency.

For all the details and causes of these movements check out the posts by Peter Lavelle, economic writer at PureFX foreign exchange broker.

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