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When we think about Australian diet, roast beef, potatoes and pudding come first to mind. But there's much more to it.

There's the diet of the first people who roamed the continent.

Then the western diet and the various Asian ones.

Fast food is a part of culture.

Though, with obesity on the rise people are turning in droves to healthier options, cooking at home with fresh produce and using less fat and less sugar.

The Aboriginal Diet

Before European settlement Aboriginals fed on native animals, fruit and vegetables growing in the bush. Seafood was the main item for Indigenous populations living along the coast.

They ate plant food raw and grilled meats or fish on the coals or in the ash, wrapped in paperbark or leaves and used various seeds and aromatic herbs for extra flavour. A very balanced and healthy diet. Not any more, as today's westernised diet includes sugars, fats, soft drinks.

But you can use those native ingredients in your cooking too.

Search for various Australian herbs and seasonings on Amazon and bring the outback flavour to your dishes.

The Western Diet

With the British colonists came the roast beef, with boiled potatoes or cabbage and pudding. And these food items ruled for a long time. They are still doing great today as some of this country's favourite foods during the cooler winter days.

With more and more people coming from different cultural backgrounds, food habits and Australian cooking recipes diversified. There is a whole new food culture.

People have increased their eating choices, but they also increased their intake of processed foods that lack essential nutrients.

The Fast Food Diet

As everywhere else, fast food is a convenience food. Cheap, quick and easy to get, very tasty're on the go.

A lot of people are addicted to it. Busy lives, lack of time, and other things to do that are more interesting than cooking. But with fast food comes the biggest killer of modern life, obesity with all its consequences: heart disease, cholesterol.

It's ok to eat fast food when you are really rushing and do not have an alternative, but not as an everyday food.

Many people have recognised the drawbacks and have turned to much healthier food habits.

The Healthy Options in the Australian Diet

Australian food industry has all the right elements to support healthy lifestyles: fresh produce, an incredible variety of vegetables and fruit, plenty fish and seafood.

ummy balmain bugs

The Balmain bugs are yummy lobsters, highly sought after in Sydney

More and more fresh produce growers and farmers have turned to organic production.

Magazines, television shows and books promote a healthy Australian style diet based on the daily use of all the good greens, fruits and pulses to replace processed stuff, and on cooking your own dishes with local ingredients instead of buying ready made food.

And healthy doesn't need to be boring. Click on the image above to check these healthy and yummy recipes.

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