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Australian citizenship gives you the right to call yourself Australian. But first you need to understand what Australia stands for and what are the Australian values.

Australians are a young nation.

And a multicultural one.

People from more than 200 countries call Australia home.

Different ethnic backgrounds, different cultures, families speaking many languages at home - and one single nation. This is what defines the country.

And one important factor are the country's values. Getting familiar with them and living by them is a step into obtaining the citizenship.

Australian Values

Respect for the others, tolerance, equality and freedom are just some of the Australian values.

You can recognise them on a daily basis, in your neighbourhood or at work. Follow the news and get the stories of the many humble heroes who volunteer to help others during hardships, whether fires or floods.

Heroes come in all sizes and shapes. Some are men and women who took part in various conflicts around the world. Others are ordinary people showing courage, empathy and commitment in extraordinary circumstances.

And they all come together during the big national celebrations such as the Anzac Day, which unites all Australians: war veterans and people from all walks of life displaying mateship every day.

anzac parade veterans

Diversity is paraded with great pride by veterans and their families, young and old, men and women, marines, pilots, students, entertainers.

A pipe band marching on the Anzac Day.

And if you are like me and think that all pipes and drums are Scottish or Irish, think again.

Read here more about the values of respect, tolerance, equality, supporting others and how these shape the lifestyle in Australia.

How to Apply - Australian Citizenship Test

You can apply for citizenship after you have lived for four years in Australia.

To become a new Australian you have to sit a test. It is a multiple choice test consisting of 20 questions. Your replies will show your knowledge about Australia and the rights and responsibilities that come with your new citizenship.

Get all the information about how to apply and the test at

Preparing for the test is the opportunity to learn more about your new country and understand and share its values.

Enjoy your learning and good luck with your test.

See you at the citizenship ceremony!

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