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Australian celebrities, Elle Macpherson and Jennifer Hawkins, started their careers on the catwalk and became soon household names.

One graced the covers of numerous magazines, launched her own products and runs a successful business.

The other won the coveted title of Miss Universe.

Below is a quick summary of the achievements of these two famous Australians.

Australian Celebrities - Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is a highly renowned model and an accomplished businesswoman. She is the proof that beauty and entrepreneurship can get along very well.

She runs multi-million dollar businesses and, in addition, Elle has put her fame to work for charity and health awareness. She is an ambassador of the Australian "Smile Foundation", which raises money to support ill children. She is also involved in other organisations whose mission is to fight against various diseases around the world.

Elle Macpherson was born and raised in Sydney. She started to model in the US when she was 19 and enjoyed an instant success. Magazines such as "Vogue", "Elle", "Playboy", "GQ", "Harper's Bazaar", "Time" and "Sports Illustrated" featured her on their covers. Her name gained immense recognition and she became an ambassador for Australian tourism.

She tried her hand at acting and played next to stars such as Hugh Grant, George Clooney, Anthony Hopkins or Barbra Streisand.

Elle did not limit herself to modelling and rubbing shoulders with celebrities. She set up her own company and launched the "Elle Macpherson Intimates" brand of lingerie. The iconic top model did not just provide a famous name. She got herself busy with the marketing and creative direction of the business.

And her products mirrored the stages in her life. She launched a maternity bra when she had her second child.

An astute entrepreneur, Elle diversified her business into beauty products and launched "Elle Macpherson - The Body" brand.

While she is involved in the management of her businesses, Elle also endorses other brands. She signed lucrative contracts with Revlon cosmetics, the suncare range "Invisible Zinc", the Australian surf fashion brand "Hot Tuna".

Australian Celebrities - Jennifer Hawkins

australian celebrities - jennifer hawkins Photo courtesy of Charlie Brewer

Jennifer Hawkins, a fashion model from New South Wales won the Miss Universe title in 2004. She was the second Australian woman to win the crown. The first one was Kerry Anne Wells, in 1972.

With the title came a one year stint in New York and trips to various countries in Europe, Asia, South America and of course Australia.

Returning home she has continued with modelling and also appeared on television as a host of The Great Outdoors show, where she continued travelling and presenting amazing places around the world. She was nominated for a Loggie (the Australian television industry award) for most popular new female talent in 2006.

The Miss Universe title opened many lucrative opportunities for Jennifer Hawkins. She promotes products or brands from the skincare range to lingerie, to real estate and electronics. And she is the face of Australian department store Myer.

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