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Have you already had a working holiday visa and worked in a regional area? Do you want to see more of the country? Here are some tips on how to continue your holiday down under and also work to pay for some of its costs. 

If you are are not 31 yet and want to see the world, what can be better than being able to apply for a job during your travel and earn money to cover some of the expenses of your trip?

So you have already spent a year Down Under, visited cities, been to the outback, got some work there and would like to do more travel and if possible a bit of work.

Apply for a second holiday visa to stay another year and continue to finance your holiday.

To check your eligibility and to get help if you need it take a free online assessment here with National Visas.

Australia Work Permit, How to Qualify for a New Working Holiday

Make the most of your first working holiday visa, travel around the country, go to places off the beaten track and offer a helping hand around to earn some money.

During your first holiday year, go see some amazing tourist attractions in Australia in remote areas. Many visitors just find some of them too hard to get to, because they are far from the main cities. And while you visit those places, get a job there.

view of kata tjuta from uluru park

Visiting Uluru in Northern Territory

You can find a list with the post codes of the regional places where to look for work at

You will be away from the large cities, though in some cases you may not. For example Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart are part of the regional areas.

If you do some specific work in such areas for 3 months you can qualify to extend your working holidays. You can work in mining, construction, on a cattle station, picking fruit, fishing.

For all the details about what specific work means, see

Be careful with your funds - you need to have enough money to keep you going while you are searching for a job. Also you may need to prove that you have a return ticket or money to buy one.

With your first working holiday visa you can work with the same employer for a maximum of 6 months.

But if you are on your second work permit to fund your vacation, and you liked one of your previous jobs you can go back and do more of it for another 6 months in the same business.

And if you really like it here, later on, after you return home, you may start thinking about applying to emigrate to Australia.

But for now, enjoy your holiday.

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