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You read about several options for Australia visas for business owners but you're not sure that they apply to you so would like to see if there are other choices.

There are.

Here are some examples.

Are you a successful entrepreneur in your country but found an interesting opportunity in Australia and are thinking that you'd like to try your hand at developing that opportunity?

The business talent visa can be an option for you.

Business drives the economy, so the business Australia visas target people that can create entrepreneurial opportunities by becoming business owners. And with that, permanent residency for entrepreneurs can become available.

We live in a global world and people are moving from one place to the other and bringing in their expertise. So why not bring the knowledge and funds to Australia?

If business is what you do, you can register your interest to relocate as a person with a significant business history or as a venture capital entrepreneur.

Business History

This permanent visa is for highly talented people who, among others:

  • own a company overseas;
  • have not turned 55 yet;
  • have significant business assets and turnover in their business;
  • have considerable personal assets;
  • are sponsored by a state or territory government;
  • intend to use their talents in an Australian company, by setting up a new business or participating in an existing one.


Register your details in the Skill Select database, with the Department of Immigration and indicate the state where you are interested to build your business, if you have a preference. If not, indicate all states and territories. They can access your information and then contact you to discuss details about a possible nomination to apply for this visa.

As a condition of this visa you must set up a business or be part of a business as soon as you come to Australia.

Not difficult for an entrepreneur, if this is what you have always done for a living.

That's why you wanted to come to Australia for - to build a business, right?
You must not only own or be one of the owners in that business, you have to actually manage it. This is not a passive investment, it is for people committed to develop strategies and take decisions.

Venture Capital Entrepreneur

You could also prove your worth as a business talent if you have a brilliant business idea and get it funded by an Australian venture capital. 

The funds you get really need to be significant, at least 1 million Australian dollars. In that case you might be invited to apply for a visa.

Check the venture capital entrepreneur stream on the department of immigration website.

For more details and all the eligibility criteria for these business streams visit the Department of Immigration website and read about subclass 132.

Browse attentively and digest all the details, as the information is complex and changes can happen often.

But if you don't have the time to do the reading about Australia visas options, ask an immigration lawyer to help you. They may find solutions that you did not think of.

Good luck.

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