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Which Australia travel visa is right for you and why should you choose one or the other?

Here are some tips which are good to know before applying to get clearance for your travel Down Under. And also a brief overview of some of the tourist visas available.

So you want to head to the southern hemisphere and visit the oldest land on earth?

Excellent idea, you will be in for a real treat, with many things to see or do, especially if your first stop is Sydney.

You need a visa for Australia whatever your travel goals are.

Unless you are a Kiwi.

In which case it is like travelling to another city but with a passport instead of a driving licence.

But if you are not a New Zealander you need a visa. And the best place to get more information about an Australia travel visa is the Department of Immigration website

Before looking into the details there, take some baby steps: start by clicking the headlines below to get a couple of tips about some of the more common visas. Have a look around, pick your topic of interest and then visit to do your own research and get all the information you need.

Let's start!

If you want to get an Australia travel visa to:

  • go on a short sightseeing tour,
  • combine a quick business trip with some leisure,
  • go places to discover the country's top attractions or visit your family for a longer stay,
  • ...while getting them to pay for the benefit of having you visit them,
  • holiday around for a year and work a bit to help with your costs,
  • extend your holiday for another year with more work permit,

browse the section below for a quick outline. Then click on each of the headings as they link to more information, which can help you get an idea about what to look for and where to look for more.

Australia Travel Visa - Some Choices

Australia Holiday Visa

You can apply electronically for a short entry of up to three months.There are no labels on your passport. It is quick and easy to apply for, but it cannot be extended. Apply for a different one if you want to prolong your stay.

Australian Travel Visa

If you come from Europe and don't want to bother about paperwork, apply online. You will then be able to come Down Under to visit, go for a business trip or participate to a conference. A bit of business with a bit of leisure, or just a holiday.

Australia Tourist Visa

Would you love to travel around? Or see your relatives? Do you have spare time on your hands to hang around and visit all the country? There's a lot to see and you'll need to have a lot of money to fund your stay.

Australian Visitor Visa

Do you have close family Down Under? Are they happy to pay for your stay? Then you don't need that much money.

But make sure your relatives know what they are getting into. They will have some financial obligations when they agree to sponsor you.

Australia Working Holiday Visa

Are you young and want to roam around? Do you want to meet new people, learn new things and enjoy? This is the best way to discover our continent. When you are on a working holiday you can apply for some casual jobs and help finance your trip.

More Working Holiday

Have you already had your first working holiday? Did you work on a cattle station or picked some fruit or had a mining job in a regional area on your first vacation? Try to apply for a second working holiday visa to enjoy another year of roaming.

Visa in Australia

You need a visa to enter this country and you need to get it before arriving. But sometimes you can apply for a second visa while you are Down Under.

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