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Dreaming about the attractions of the largest island continent? An Australia tourist visa is for you, as long as you meet the conditions.


If tourism is in your genes or if you want to visit your family Down Under you should be able to qualify for this visa.

This travel permit is part of the broader visitor visa (subclass 600) for people applying to come to tour around and have a holiday.

If you want to travel to see the beauty and attractions of the country then make sure you can prove that you have the funds to cover your accommodation and daily living costs.

The tourist visa comes with some requirements, such as:

  • health- see more about this at

  • character –

If you want to visit your family you could ask them to sponsor you. Read more about this here.

And there's more to this visa.

For example, if your children reside permanently in Australia you can apply for the tourist visa to go and stay with them for a longer period of time.

If you do so, you also need to organise health insurance for the whole period of your stay. But this is just common sense for any traveller. You would buy it any way, wouldn’t you? Medical costs are high when you are overseas and you don’t want to be a burden for your family.

For more information check out

To find out wich visa is right for you take a free online assessment here.

Travel with your spouse, children or other family ? Get them to apply for their own visa. You cannot include them in your application.

Australia Tourist Visa, What You Can Do

  • Visit around, enjoy time with your family, relax;

  • Study for up to 3 months;
  • Do some volunteer work. Don’t expect to be paid. It is about volunteering and helping others, right?

What You Cannot Do

  • No work. Unless it’s volunteering.

  • You can’t continue any sort of studies after you have studied for 3 months.

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