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Heading Down Under to relax? Get an Australia holiday visa before you leave. It allows you to travel around the country for tourism or leisure or to travel for business.

So you want to visit some of our tourist attractions and are not an Australian or New Zealand citizen?

You need a visa.

Depending on the country you are coming from you can get an electronic one or a standard one.

With the electronic one there is no label on your passport.

The standard one involves some paperwork with the application.

You can find all the information related to travel visas on the department of immigration website:

You can apply for a travel visa online if you have a passport from one of the eligible countries. For example from:

  • A large number of countries in Europe

  • US and Canada

  • Some countries in the Far East: such as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan

Find out from which countries at

To see which visa suits you, take a free online assessment here.

Electronic Australia Holiday Visa - ETA

This visa for Australia allows you to visit the country for up to 3 months, for leisure purposes or if you want to do some informal studies or have some business meetings.

The entry visa is stored electronically - there is no stamp in your passport. Airlines, travel consultants and authorities access the information on their computers.

Make sure the passport you show to border authorities is the same you used when you filled your application.

ETA is quick and easy to apply for, but you have to be overseas. You cannot submit a request for this visa in Australia.

To stay on the safe side, it is good to apply for the ETA at least 2 weeks before starting your trip. You can go online or use a travel consultant.

What You Can Do on an ETA

  • You can holiday around for up to 3 months;

  • Or you can participate to a conference, a trade show or engage similar business activities, without receiving any payment;

  • You can bring your family but each of them needs their own ETA permit, even children mentioned on your passport;

  • Generally it is valid 12 months and can offer you multiple entries into the country.   

What You Cannot Do

  • You cannot extend your ETA visa in Australia, but you can apply for a different one, if you are already in the country;

  • You cannot work;

  • You cannot get involved in any study or training that is longer than 3 months.

Good holidaying!

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