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With the country being far away, an Australia flight ticket is expected to cost a lot. And it usually does.

But with the new trend of low cost airlines that have appeared everywhere in the world, things start to look good for travellers who want to make trips to Australia.

An example is the budget carrier Air Asia. It is flying to Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth from various cities in Asia.

If you are travelling from Asia, there is a large number of countries where you can start your journey with Air Asia. Some of them are China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

In addition Air Asia offers air travel to Australia from Middle East, via Kuala Lumpur. In the past they also flew to London and Paris, but it seems they don't any longer

As you can expect, there should be a trade-off for the cheap Australia flight ticket.

Flight above the Red Centre

So where is the catch, or is it just a strong business model? long as you fly economy you can't expect too much these days from airlines. You pay for a seat and for some basic food and drinks.

So why not:

  • pay less for a seat,
  • travel light, 
  • eat well before boarding,
  • get your own ipad, mp3 player or book to keep you entertained during the long hours, and
  • carry a jacket or shawl to keep you warm and replace the blanket, which comes at a cost.   

This is how Air Asia manages to offer lower fares. It offers a very basic travel experience.

If you need to cancel your ticket, there is no refund, which does not differ too much from how other airlines treat cheaper fares. But almost everything else has a handling or service fee: talking and booking through customer service or a sales agent, payment by card.

Air Asia also gives you options if you want more than a basic experience. All for a price: food, checked luggage, a pillow and blanket to keep you cosy. If you want food while flying you can choose the option to pre-order. You can pick a certain seat, and you can also carry luggage if you want. When you book just tick those boxes and pay the additional fees.

If you book an Australia flight ticket with them you can even upgrade for a more comfortable seat with more leg room. It is all about choices and paying for what you are using.

In addition, if you want to travel in style, you can. If you book an Air Asia premium flat bed, it comes with all the other services free: flight changes, seat choice, blanket, meal (no alcohol though). For all this  expect to pay a lower fare than what most other airlines would charge. A flat bed - how good is that for a long haul trip!

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