Australia Facts

These Australia facts give you an insider's grasp of some information about the country, its economy, people, lifestyle, the local slang, the food Australians eat. And about what makes the land down under a knockout destination for any traveller.

You need some direction, whether you want to:

  • start a new life in Australia, or
  • just visit it for business, or
  • to enjoy a sunny, refreshing and memorable holiday,

We've taken the hard work off you. I've pulled together the information in this guide, all simple and easy to read, just the highlights.

It is subjective information, as it comes from observing and enjoying the country's culture, lifestyle, people's behaviours or popular foods in Australia.

But that's what you want, information from the horse's mouth, right?

Australia Facts - People and Economy

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Here are some hints about Australian people who are casual, love their sports or just a day out on the water and love to entertain and holiday.

And some notes about the Australian economy, which allows the people to enjoy one of the highest quality of life in the world.

Australia Facts - Food


  • What do Australians eat? Click here for a quick overview of various cuisines which have influenced Australian cooking with delicious recipes, fresh produce and rich flavours.
  • And what do Aborigines eat? Today it's just the same food as anyone else. But in the past they learnt to survive on foods they found in the bush.
  • How about some easy Australian recipes? Something quick and healthy and flavoursome.
  • So then, why is obesity in Australia on the rise?
    Well,... not everyone loves to cook or has the time to enjoy gourmet food. There's plenty of quick, ready to eat food on the go. And it's... "cheap as chips", to use the Aussie lingo.
  • Want more Australian slang? Click here to add a bit of Aussie flavour to your conversation.

Australia Facts - Time, Money, Public Holidays

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