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Here are some Australia facts, unusual statistics, some figures about population density, size of properties or facts about unpredictable weather.

Statistically there are only 3 Australians per each square km. With the huge territory, statistics become irrelevant. There are properties in Australia that cover vast land. For example the average farm size is 3,340 hectares but there are quite a number of cattle stations that are more than 25,000 hectares in size.

Anna Creek in South Australia covers over 34,000 sq. kms (or 3.4 million hectares) and is the largest cattle station in the world. It is the size of a country - it is as big as, for example, The Netherlands.

Helicopters and light planes are tools of the trade for the largest stations, as it is extremely difficult to check the cattle without them.

Another cattle station is Curtin Springs in Central Australia. It is not as big, it covers only a bit over 1 million acres (or 400,000 hectares). But what makes it different is that Mount Conner sits on it, 100 km away from Ayers Rock, one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Australia.

australia facts unusual mount connor Mount Connor looks like Ayers Rock, that's why some call it Fuluru

Australia Facts Unusual Environment

australia facts unusual dry river bed

In Central Australia rivers run underground. River beds are dry most of the time. But you know there is water below the sand and stones by the large number of eucalyptus trees that grow on both sides of the dry river bed.

While dryness is caused by the extreme heat and low rain, unusual things happen it snowed in Mt Gillen near Alice Springs in 1977. Not what you would expect in a place in the middle of the Australian desert.

Australia Facts Unusual Photos

australia facts unusual bees hanging on a shopping trolley

Here is an unusual photo showing a swarm of bees hanging on a shopping trolley. They must have got lost at the shopping centre. Were they following a new queen?

We are not sure that these are Australian bees but after we captured the photo we checked the Australian Native Bee Research Centre website and learnt that there are more than 1500 species of native bees and 10 of them are stingless bees.

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