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With a long distance to travel, an Australia economy flight is tiring. Plus there's the jet lag. Choosing a better seat may be worth the money.

Business fares can be two or three times more expensive, sometimes even more. But the service is so much better and flight attendants are there for you all the way. After all there are not that many business seats on the airplane.

So what fare to choose?

It all depends on your funds and what you want to do with them.

If you are looking for cheap airfares and want to save to be able to do more when you get "Down Under", then fly economy. But expect narrow seats that don't recline very much and little leg room.

Australia Economy Flight - the Seats

plane wing

Your best option is an aisle seat. You will be able to get up and stretch. But the big planes can have up to 5 seats in a row, so if you get a middle one you will have to ask 2 persons to let you out. Imagine if they sleep - they won't be happy.

If you can choose your seat for free when you book, make sure to check the seating plan and take the offer.

But lately this offer is being phased out by most airlines, as they are now charging an additional fee for allowing you to make your own selection. And the fee is not per journey but per flight.

You may be able though to choose your seat 24 hours in advance. But if you think that 24 hours is good enough, think again. More often than not, you start your check in online and find out that a seat has already been allocated for you.

So what? The button to change your seat is there, so you click it. The result - the seat plan comes up and all the seats appear booked except the one already allocated to you. This is the new reality of the airlines industry and it does not refer to low cost airlines, it is a practice that we found with the good old traditional ones.

But airlines are finding innovative ways to advertise a lower price and then charge you more for the frills.

And having the privilege to choose your own seat early is now considered a frill. If you have stopovers and change planes, you may have to pay extra for the seat chosen for each leg of your trip.

There is always the option to be at the check-in early, and to hope that not all the best places have been allocated. It can really be up to the person at the counter to help you.

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