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Shop around to get Australia cheap flights. There are some deals out there, whether you use the internet or a travel agent. 

But be prepared to spend some time searching for your best option. It is quite a complex exercise.

Each airline has deals and they differ with flight or season or simply they may have a promotion.

Keep your eyes open and you may find a "special".

And plan early for a better deal.

Different travel agents will also indicate different prices for exactly the same flight.

Do Your Own Research Before Using a Travel Agent

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Research helps even if you want to use a travel agent. Our experience with travel agents is that you can't be vague, you have to ask them specific questions and they will then do the best for you.

But if you go and ask for just advice about when to get cheaper airfares, they will want to know more from you. They'll ask back about when you want to leave, what airline, your other preferences...a bit frustrating.

It is rare to actually get proper advice without committing to book with them.

It is worth to research on your own first and to come up with precise questions for agents. They may be able to find a bargain flight to Australia for you. They should also provide you with advice about your destination and offer you solutions for accommodation. And they know some insider tips that can make the trip easier for you.

Some travel agents can provide excellent value as they usually have access to deals unavailable to the large public. Though make sure that those deals stand on their own and are not part of a package.

For example some fares that look too good to be true may be bundled together with more expensive items, such as accommodation, luxury tours, unique experience.

By no means, if you are after those unique experiences don't think twice when you see a great airfare offer, but if you are only after Australia cheap flights then take care that the agent knows your needs.

It may be sensible to pay a bit more to get some expert advice and save your time.

Though it all depends on what is more important to you - time or money.

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