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Alice Springs Australia - where exactly is it?

The town is almost in the centre of the country surrounded by natural wonders and inhabited by bubbly people, full of character and happy to share a story with any traveller.

The spirit of the outback is present in the lives of the residents. 

Many are people who came to work for a year or two, liked their life there, fell in love with the town and the area and settled there for good. 

Some gave up corporate jobs in the city and changed their lives, choosing the adventure and the fun of the outback. 

It's not hard to get enthusiastic about the capital of the red centre. 

It is a must see tourist spot.

Travel Alice Springs to see its attractions. And while you are there, you can learn some interesting facts about the geography of the country and the life of Australian Aboriginals.

Alice Springs Australia Map

If you have never been there, check a map of Alice Springs. It will strike you as a lonely spot and you would wonder why you want to go there. But don't judge a book by its cover...

The nearest largest cities are Adelaide in the bottom south and Darwin in the top north, just about 2 hour flight time to each of them, or around 1500 km drive.

Look closer at the map - just desert all around.  

dry Todd River, alice springs australia, view from air

If you fly to Alice Springs Australia and have a window seat, you will be amazed by the view below you - an endless, dry, rough, scorched red and brown, empty landscape with dry river beds.

But in the last ten-minute leg of your flight, everything changes: dots of gray shrubs, small dark green trees, water holes and scattered roofs here and there. 

alice springs australia, aerial view of mountains
alice springs australia, street view with the caterpillar in the background

And, once on the road and going into the town, the landscape is spectacular: brown, barren hills in the backdrop, the dry Todd River flanked by huge eucalyptus and streets full of palms, striking red, purple or white flowers. The combination is just unexpected. 

alice springs australia, street view with flowers

Travel around Alice Springs

The top of the Anzac Hill offers an excellent bird's eye view of the urban footprint and the ranges that enclose it.

The Alice is not big, with a population of around 25,000. But there is plenty to see in the town and even more around it.

And the Alice Springs weather is not humid, which is a plus during the hot summer days.

alice springs australia, view from Anzac hill

This is the place where John Flynn started the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which is considered to be the best organisation in the world to provide aerial medical services for remote communities.

alice springs australia, john flynn memorial

Here at the left is his grave and memorial, at the exit of the town, on Larapinta Drive, going towards West MacDonnell National Park and the spectacular palms in the Australian desert.

One of the best tours you can choose is the one taking you to the majestic Australian mountains - the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Then there is the Alice Springs Desert Park, Reptile Centre, Botanic Garden, the Telegraph Station which is part of Alice Springs' history and so much more to visit. Plus galleries displaying aboriginal art, including works by the famous Aboriginal painter Albert Namatjira. You can also take a tour and visit Hermannsburg, which is the place where Namatjira was born.

Alice Springs Australia is the perfect place to stay for visits to the Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon or the Macdonnell Ranges. 

If you have a small fortune to give away you can book accommodation right next to Uluru. Or if lack of comfort does not bother you, choose a camping site and sleep under the stars. 

But if value for money is what you are looking for, then Alice is the best choice. Hire a car or book a guided tour to Uluru and the other attractions in the area.

Alice Springs Australia - Accommodation and Restaurants

The choice is broad: back packer accommodation, youth hostels, caravan parks, inns, hotels, resorts, just about everything for all tastes and budgets.

You can find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor.

The Alice Springs restaurants cover the same broad spectrum: from fast food to stylish dining, from authentic Asian and Mediterranean food to outback Australian including kangaroo, emu, crocodile and camel steaks. 

Just come, visit the great heritage listed tourist attractions, relax and enjoy a great holiday.

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