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There is a broad choice of airline tickets to Australia when you are coming from Asia. Some are offered by the traditional carriers and come with bells and whistles, others are no frills tickets offered by budget airlines.

The distance is relatively short, compared with air travel from Europe and flights from the Americas or Africa.

If you travel from Asia you'll fly direct to one of our big capital cities.

It takes around 8 - 9 hours to travel from Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok to the cities on our South Eastern coast: Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Asian airlines are generally quite customer oriented, cater to your needs and offer you as much  comfort as a long flight allows.

We flew Singapore, Malaysia and Thai airlines and were impressed with the service, food and entertainment on board. Generally better than many European airlines, I think.

view from a planeAirbus A380 in Sydney Australia airport

Airline Tickets to Australia - Low Cost Carriers

In addition to the classic national carriers, there are a number of new low cost ones - some are offsprings of the national airlines, others completely new ones.

For example Singapore airlines launched Scoot to fly to various destinations in Asia as well as to Australia to cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast.

Scoot is the budget carrier offered as an alternative to the more lavish services of its parent company. The other competitor on the market, which is already established and known for its lower fares is Air Asia.

Travelling by budget airlines on long haul destinations such as the route from Asia to Australia can be a challenge. If you have just boarded on such a flight after having travelled another leg from Europe to Asia, the uncomfortable trip becomes even worse.

There is not much comfort on a long haul economy class with a traditional airline - trying to squeeze in a seat that has a smaller pitch than the usual one is even more annoying.

But there are trade-offs. Consider what is more important to you: a bit of additional cosiness or your money?

If it is the comfort, avoid budget carriers.

If you are planning other spending avenues for your savings, then low cost airlines are not that bad.

From Asia, the  airfare to Australia can vary a lot with the airline, season, day of the week or competition.

If you board on the plane and find empty seats, consider yourself lucky. You'll be able to sit more comfortably. But it doesn't happen too often.

Why? Because Australians are great travellers and Asia is a prime destination. So traffic between the two continents is big.

There is also a large number of international students coming to study at universities in Australia, as well as tourists and relatives visiting family down under.

So book in advance if you want a seat on a certain date or airline. Otherwise be flexible with your airfares to Australia and expect to pay more if you delay your reservations.

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