Airfares to Australia - Pricey, But There Are Deals and Cheaper Options

>Airfares to Australia

Flying to Australia is usually expensive. This is because flights to Sydney, Melbourne or other major cities take a long time.

If you fly from USA or Canada to the east coast of the country it would take you a bit less than 24 hours and more if you go to the west coast.

Coming from South America can take somewhere from 14 hours if you fly to Sydney to 22 hours or more if your destination is Perth.

Even a flight from Johannesburg, in South Africa is about 11 hours long to Perth and 14 if it goes further to Sydney.

The country has it all: it is remote, takes a long time to get there from most places in the world and sets you back a good amount of your hard earned money.

But the experience down under is worth the pricey Australia airfare.

Click on the headlines below to get more information about flying from other continents and searching for some cheaper options.

Airline Tickets
to Australia

From Asia.
Asia is the closest region,
so the trip is
about 8 - 9 hours long.
Which is good!
Many frequent travellers
though, which means
there are not too
many empty seats
in planes.
Air Travel
to Australia

From Europe.
It takes about 24 hours
and sometimes much
more to cover the distance.
But the travel gets better
if you spend a short break
in Asia. Get some ideas
of how to make the most
of your long trip
to Australia.
to Sydney

See here which airlines fly
to Sydney. Few go direct.
In most cases you have
to board a new plane
with another carrier,
after you stop in Asia.
But there are other direct
Click the image
above to find out more.

Australia Flight

Which airline offers
lower fares and
how are they doing it?
Click on the headline
above to see a
cheaper option to
travel to the Red

A big advantage
that Emirates offer
is allowing you to
carry more luggage.
Their airfares to
Australia are
comparable with what
other airlines offer.
The Flying

Qantas is also known
as the Flying Kangaroo.
Wonder why?
Find out here.
The symbol of the
iconic marsupial is on
the tail of the
airlines' planes.

Qantas Australia

Did you know Qantas
is one of the oldest
airlines in the world
and its name is
an acronym?
Click on the image
or headline above
and see what the
acronym stands for.
Sydney Australia

If you are flying into
Sydney airport and
want to know how far
it is from the City
and what transport
is available,
here are the details.
Also get some tips
about the airport parking.
Sydney Airport

Coming to Australia's
largest city just for a day
or two? Staying in the City
is too much of a hassle?
Sydney airport hotels are a
good choice for a short stay.
Especially if you are busy,
in transit or don't have
too much time for fun.

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