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Starting in Sydney News, Issue #015
September 01, 2010

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Starting in Sydney News brings you our latest tips about living in Australia. And a lot of information about things to do in Sydney and its attractions.

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Issue 15

We were saying in our previous newsletter that sustainable population is a hot topic in Australia, with many people thinking that over-crowded cities will reduce quality of life.

Bernard Salt, a well-respected demographer, has found an interesting angle to the growth of the population. Rather than looking at the total annual growth of 400,000 people, he looked at the distribution of growth across various age ranges. And the findings are mind-blowing.

Over a three-year period, 2006 - 2009, the national average growth was 6 per cent. But in four age groups it was much, much higher:

  • babies under 1 year - 11% growth;
  • 24 - 28 year-olds - 13%. This is the group which contributes most to migration and temporary workers;
  • the 62 to 65 year old population was growing by 36,000 a year;
  • people aged 100 and over grew by 53%, from 2,440 to 3,739.

This perspective puts things under a very different light:

  • all the grey army will need more and more health and support services,
  • which are funded through tax,
  • which means there need to be enough people in the work force.

So what does this mean for the population and the quality of life? You can read the article published in The Australian newspaper here.

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