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Starting in Sydney News, Issue #014
August 01, 2010

Discover Lifestyle in Sydney.
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Starting in Sydney News brings you our latest tips about living in Australia. And a lot of information about things to do in Sydney and its attractions.

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Issue 14

It is election time in Australia.

One of the hot topics being discussed is that of a sustainable population. Opinions vary a lot, some say cities are over crowded and further growth would mean lower quality of life. Others say a lower growth of population, including fewer new skilled people coming into Australia would jeopardise businesses, which are continuously looking for talent. Where the debate will lead remains to be seen.

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Sydney Australia Real Estate - Are Prices Going Up?

How expensive is housing in Sydney? Very expensive. And it seems that it is heating up again. Historically prices had an upward trend. There were hiccups in the cycle when the trend reversed for a couple of years, but then went up again to even higher levels.

We have taken stock of some indicators that are pointing to a new rise in prices.

Real Estate in Sydney Australia - Are Prices Going Down?

Real estate is a sensitive issue and opinions about it are divided. There are voices that say that the bubble is about to burst. We've come up with 7 reasons that indicate a trend downhill, and they shouldn't be played down, or should they?

What do you think? Are prices going up or down? Share your thoughts and write a comment here.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Climbing the bridge is one of the most exhilarating experiences. You can do it at various time of the day. The views will be different. The sunrise or twilight can set your mood, as you absorb the breathtaking panorama of the city and the harbour.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Facts

Here is some information and fun facts about the bridge, why it was built, who designed it and many more.

Sydney Powerhouse Museum

The Harbour Bridge is a visionary work of industrial art. If you want to learn more about Australian inventions, design, technology, you can't stay away from the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Its location in the Darling Harbour makes it an attractive spot for a big day out.

Free Sydney Buses

This is a good tip for anyone who wants to visit Sydney. You can get around in a free shuttle that will take you to the best attractions in the City. You can catch it at any stop where you see the green free bus sign. You can use it as much as you like and there is no cost. Enjoy a free ride.

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