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Starting in Sydney News, Issue #012
May 31, 2010

Discover Lifestyle in Sydney.
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Starting in Sydney News brings you our latest tips about living in Australia. And a lot of information about things to do in Sydney and its attractions.

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Issue 12

When you hear stories about people travelling around the world all alone, you're wondering how they are coping with the stress of the unknown, whether people or places.

But then what would you say about a teenager who sailed around the world solo and unassisted? This is what Jessica Watson, a 16 year old Aussie girl, did from October 2009 to May 2010.

It is an amazing experience. It would be amazing for anyone who had the courage, confidence and enthusiasm to set off on such an adventure.

A voyage around the world is really something to test the will power, knowledge and abilities of any adult, let alone of a teenager. She showed passion, enthusiasm, dedication, resolve and optimism. And she succeeded.

The Sydney Opera house forecourt was packed with tens of thousands of people who waited hours on end for her to sail into the Sydney harbour on May 15. Everyone loves a hero.

What's New?

Museum of Sydney

When you visit a city, museums should be on your to do list. But often there is no time for this because there are so many other attractions around. So here is a description of what you can see in the museum dedicated to Sydney. If you want to know more about its history and the people who contributed to its development, don't miss it.

Sydney Australia Airport

How far is it from the city, how to get there and what is the average cost by taxi? If you are flying from Sydney and are wondering whether to go to the airport by car and park there till you return, there are some other options.

Sydney Airport Hotels

Here is a list of hotels around the airport. Click to see photos, read reviews and check rates.

Map of Sydney Australia

Finding a spot on a map of a city as big as Sydney can be difficult when you are not familiar with it. This map shows only the centre and the suburbs around it.

Information about life in a country always involves food. So why not take some pictures of the dishes we cook and share the recipes?

That's what we did in the Australian Fish Recipes and Prawn Recipes pages.

Do you like to cook and have a good recipe? Share it with us and tell your friends where to find it. Click here to write your own recipe.

That's all for now. We'll be adding more pages about Australia, life in Sydney and tips on how to make the most of it.

To get them visit our website often. And make sure to read the next issue of this newsletter.

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